First Week of Pre-School

Joel has had his first week of pre-school now that the new term has begun.

I have had to start setting an alarm!  We have to drop him off at school at 8.50 every morning and collect him at 11.50.  By the time he’s there and I’m home again, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of time before I’m going to collect him again.  I am trying to be organised now, laying out clothes the night before, using my slow cooker every morning so I don’t have to think about dinner when we’re all tired and fed up.

He has been crazy tired this past week.  He even had to nap on Wednesday and last night fell asleep at 5.30 having not eaten any dinner.  It’s less time, but I guess being in a group of his own age where they are kept busy has taken its toll.  He got up at 3am and climbed into our bed.  Steve shifted onto my side so I left them to it and got into the spare bed in Josiah’s room and he came in with me for a feed.  Then at some point decided sleeping next to me was too squishy and headbutted me until I returned him to his cot.  So I went and got into Joel’s bed which was really comfy.  On waking to Josiah’s cry at 6.40 I fed him and discovered that Joel had wet our bed, having been asleep since 5.30.  It didn’t even occur to us to lift him at 10 or anything sensible like that.  At least it was on Steve’s side!!

Anyway, back to school – one of their first activities was painting a self portrait of their face.  Joel came home to tell me he’d been painting and that his eyes were greeny brown!  The teacher ‘Tina’ told me that they do the same activity at the end of the year and it’s amazing to see the differences!!

The other stress of my newly structured day is the pressure of the mums at the gate.  And I know this sounds silly and I shouldn’t be bothered but they all look so young and fresh!  I stagger up pushing my buggy and feel as though I look awful.  One of the mums has a 4 week old baby and is trimmer than I’ve ever been in my life.  At the moment Josiah is teething and with starting school Joel has been very unsettled and the consequence has been that I am up 4-5 times a night and am walking about in a daze at the moment.

Every morning Joel is so happy to be awake and looking forward to ‘school time’ and with having every afternoon to fill I’m taking him out to fill the time, the local wildlife centre, the park, I pack sandwiches and off we head, but I’m not getting much cleaning done or house sorting!

I do love this time of year though.  I wonder whether my Mum felt like this with three of us to sort out once term began. 


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