Dry Nights

I am so pleased with Joel.  He has been completely dry at night all week.  And this morning, he got up himself and went for a wee by himself.  He suddenly seems to have grown up loads this past month or so.

He’s turning into a proper boys boy.  He’s always loved his trains and cars, but now he’s starting to rough and tumble.  He wants to climb everything from the sides of the sofas to steep banks by paths on our dog walks.  He tumbled down a bank yesterday and didn’t even cry.  I ran to catch him, but he sat up and laughed!!

He has a frog bubble machine that he likes because he thinks it’s like a gun.  I was one of those ‘my son is not having gun toys’ sort of mothers, and my mother in law told me that they’ll make guns out of anything.  And it’s true.  An older boy at Joel’s nursery is allowed to watch Star Wars and Spiderman and things I feel are a bit older than Joel is (or maybe was now) but he loves running around shooting at us, and shouting that we’re dead.

Yep, the dead word.  I didn’t know whether he knew what it meant or was just saying it as that’s what you say when you shoot something.  But we passed a dead cat on our walk to church this morning and he asked whether it was dead.   My instant response was ‘no no, it’s just having a nap’.  Steve thinks we should be truthful and that he can cope with it.  But I’m not sure I’m ready for my big baby boy to be understanding death and what it means 😦  and I have reported it to the council in case it has a chip.

He is so ready to go to pre-school in September.  It’s going to be a logistical pain having two boys in separate nurseries, but it will still make me feel better.  His last day at nursery is the 31st July, and he is having a graduation on the 22nd July!  I’m sure I’ll be emotional.  They love the things he says over there!!  And always have a report of something funny he’s said such as:

‘I can’t quite do that yet.  It’s too tricky’

‘My wee wee came out too fast, and fell down my knees to my toes’

When asked if finished on the toilet, ‘not quite’!!

As much as I want him to grow up, I still want to keep him my baby.

There was a 5 week old baby at church today and I swear that my ovaries flipped out!!  I’m still breast feeding my second but felt this longing for a third.  Whether that’s for just a baby or an actual child remains to be seen.   I really have got to get my sensible head on and think of all pros and cons.  Major cons ;being that Steve says no, two is it.  And as much as I agree, I can’t shake off this feeling that I’m meant to have three.  Can I do all this pregnancy and baby stuff again?  Goodness knows.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I must go to sleep!!


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