Busy bees….

Life has got rather busy of late.  We are having a sudden splurge on house sorting and last weekend on Fathers Day Steve suddenly decided to strip the paper from the hall, stairs and landing.  Not to mention he sorted out getting the garden finished, and found a fellow from church to finish the levelling and lay a patio.  Not to mention he went out and bought a patio, hired a cement mixer and has got everything sorted.  I can’t believe it really, but am very happy that it will be on the way to being finished this month.

In other news England are out of the world cup.  Steve was disappointed as he quite likes the football matches (not that he follows club football at all).  He cannot wait for Joel to be old enough to appreciate it and collect the sticker albums and things.  With it being in Brazil this year the matches are all on rather late for three year olds.  There was one match on at 8pm and it was a Thursday.  I know that Joel is always very tired on a Thursday after two days at nursery and this thursday was no exception, but Steve got him to stay up which ended in tears and a cross Steve that he didn’t have a football buddy yet.  It’s nice that he wants to hang out with Joel but he’s trying to make him grow up too soon!

And I think he’s totally toilet trained now 🙂  He has been dry at night for a while but on waking up, because he had a pull up on, doing a wee first thing rather than going to the toilet.  I bit the bullet last night and put him to bed in pants and ta da!  Knowing he couldn’t do it in a nappy meant he had to go to the toilet!  Hurray!

His chicken pox last month seems to have scarred him which I’m a bit upset about.  He has red marks on his cheeks, over his body and the pock marks around his eyes and forehead.  I hope that they fade.  Josiah has managed to escape it, so I guess there is something in the breast feeding immunity thing.

We are planning Josiah’s dedication for a couple of weeks time and I have ordered a cake, balloons and sent out invites this time.

Life has got busy and blogging is taking a back seat!



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