Share The Blog Love…#BEDM

Todays post is to talk about other blogs that you read regularly.

I have followed a particular blogger for years!

When I got engaged I began searching for wedding inspiration (as you do) and found the blog of a girl called Heather.  She too was getting married and making a lot of bits and bobs and she recorded it all.  I found that I enjoyed reading what she was up to, and following her stories.   I then decided to start a wedding blog as well.

This is her blog now, it’s called Heather Drive and what’s really nice is that her life is very similar to mine, but 6 months ahead!!  She had her first daughter 6 months before I had Joel, and then she had a second daughter just before I had Josiah.  So I have her experience to look on and it’s been really nice.  I’ve left a few comments on her blog, I feel a bit strange, you know, being a stranger from another country, but I guess thats the blogging thing.

Here’s my wedding blog link as well… (just in case you were interested!!)


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