National BBQ Week….#BEDM

What springs to mind when thinking about BBQ’s?  Maybe men standing around a fire charring meat to within an inch of its life?!

I am actually a very good BBQ-er.  My Dad taught me well. And since I’m married to a man who is anti any form of cooking, we never have to argue over who is cooking as we both know it’ll be me whatever.  On Steve’s turns to sort dinner he just rings a take away so I try to cook as often as I can so we are eating healthy options.  Of course some times I’m just too tired and it’s junk food time but maybe once or twice a month at most.

Anyway, there is nothing quite like sitting around outside with a cool drink and the smell of chicken, burgers, fish or lamb cooking gently over hot coals.  And of course you need the salads and accompaniments to go with it.  I love charred corn on the cob with butter dripping down, cooked peppers and tomatoes, I’ve yet to try halloumi on a BBQ.

Being in Britain, the opportunities are not about all that often as we may start with a sunny day which ends in rain so as a nation we all watch the weather carefully and with a sunny evening all jump to the nearest shops and empty the shelves of meat and bread and requisite BBQ stuff!!

We’ve not fired up yet this year, but I’m looking forward to doing so at some point in our garden this year!


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