Bank Holiday Fun….#BEDM

Oops, I missed a day!

Oh well, I am on holiday this week!  I’d tried to be organised and written a ton of posts before I went away but time got away from me and apparently yesterday was the day I was supposed to sit down and start afresh!

I don’t feel as though I’m getting the benefit of bank holidays at the moment as I’m off work and everyday is blending into the other without a lot of distinction.  Steve would tell me that whilst on maternity leave every day is a holiday.  For which I could hit him!

Anyway, what did my day consist of eysterday?  It was a good bank holiday.  We spent the morning on the beach with bright sunshine emerging from the clouds intermittantly but with gorgeous views of mountains and Anglesey in the distance.

Then I slept all afternoon!!  I was pretty shattered from a few bad nights with lots of wake ups and was meant to have sorted dinner for everyone.  I emerged very bleary and sleepy on their return with no potatoes peeled or anything!  I must have needed it!

So for me, bank holiday was a beach trip and a very much needed rest finished with a big family meal all sat around the table eating chicken boursin, cakes and cheese and crackers!  And lovely it was too 🙂


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