Healthy Living…. #BEDM

Hmmm.  Healthy Living is todays subject.

All I can say is that I try.  I really do.  I genuinely enjoy vegetables and fruits, but I also enjoy chocolate and Big Macs.

I know that moderation is the key, and when I’m of sound mind and body that isn’t too much of a problem but as I’m currently in my 14th week of breastfeeding, the hunger just takes over and it’s a real battle choosing the healthy options over the quick sugary and fatty fixes.

I used Slimming world to lose weight before I got pregnant last year, and I’ve got my cookbooks and magazines back out to browse through for inspiration.  I know the basics and it’s all very sensible.  Cutting out sugar, fats, monitoring carbs and filling up on ‘free’ and ‘superfree’ foods at meal times.  The best thing about it is the quantity of food you can eat.  If you’re hungry you can eat, just not crazily.


Last pregnancy I put more weight on afterwards whilst breastfeeding than I did during the time I was pregnant.  This time I am trying to be more aware of that.  I do have a number which I want to get down to, and feel that I’m not as slim as I could be.   But on the plus side, I am in my old clothes again and the main issue is my double c-section stomach which I think only a tummy tuck will fix 😦  My attempts at pilates really didn’t come to much.  I must give that another go but flailing about on the floor wasn’t much fun as the woman on the tv made her legs stay in the air and I could barely lift mine off the ground.

I am walking a lot and pushing a buggy with a heavy toddler standing on a buggy board is helping burn some calories.  The breast feeding is meant to be burning calories but that is probably weighted out by my extra intake to keep up with the feeding, so healthy eating is the way to go for me.  I am considering going along to meetings to be weighed as an extra push, but it’s about finding a club I can get to at certain times but I think I will need to do something extra very soon.


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