Date Night… BEDM

Firstly, I really liked the film!  I went to see it with Steve as a date night when it came out!  We enjoyed it so much we bought the DVD!!  There’s something lovely and endearing about Steve Carrell that I’ve come to appreciate further with watching An American Office!!

download (11)

Plus you know. the film really resonated on all levels.   Making an effort is hard.   Having children makes you tired.  Being tired makes you want to sleep.  Sleep does not help conversation and keep the spark going.  Date nights however, do help to keeping a relationship alive.

This past three months I have been so very tired, grumpy, irritable and downright uninspired.   Steve has had to put up with a lot of grief from me.  But I have also had to put up with a lot of flack from him about my grumjpiness and you know because I’ve just had a baby he can’t really get away with it, but he knows that it’s the sleep deprivation talking.

For our anniversary at the start of this month we had the first date night since New Years Eve!  That is way too long to without making an effort, and in an ideal world we would go out once a month at least.  When we were first married it was a weekly thing!  Friday night was date night, whether it was in or out and efforts were made.  But that has reduced drastically.

It’s something that we will have to reinstate once Josiah is a bit older and in the meantime, lunch dates are the way forward!!  If I can get Steve out of his office for an hour we can go out for some food, have a chat and Joss is quite happy being walked around the block by Grandma or Grandad.  And it’s good to talk, especially when talking about children is prohibited!  It reminds us that we are people as well as parents!!!


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