He’s Moved! :(

Rooms that is! He is just too big now for his basket and I worry about the sturdiness of the stand as he thrashes his legs. So he’s been having daytime naps in the cot for a few days and has been settling really well and last night I settled him there for bed and he went out like a light!

He woke at 11.30 for a feed, then 2.30 then 6.40 so he’s still not going quite long enough at night yet for me and coupled with Joel turning up at 3 in the morning I feel pretty tired again today. I guess with one you don’t the disturbance of another which is why I’m so much more tired this time.

Steve said that if I’m struggling I should think about switching to bottles, but it would be me getting up to sort the bottles and all the organisation which seems crazy now we’ve got breastfeeding sorted as in the night it’s so much easier to pop him on the boob! Plus I do love it. The extra cuddle time makes it all worth bit and we’re on our way to 6 months which is my goal. Any extra beyond that is a bonus.


We had a sun filled weekend for my birthday! On the Saturday my sister and niece came over and we had lunch at a gorgeous country pub then dinner at my parents, and we bought a new car!! We’ve grown up now and got a VW Passat estate!! We collect it on Friday before our holiday. Sunday was equally as sunny once it got going and Monday was raining in the morning and feeling tired I decided to stay in rather than walk to toddler group. We made own fun the back garden and got the paddling pool out again (it hadn’t gone away since Sunday!) which made a great dinosaur watering hole.

Joel has been a good boy and we’ve had another week of dry nights. We had about ten dry nights a while ago, then he starting weeping again as he just seemed not bothered about going to the toilet first thing. But suddenly he’s doing it again and I’m hopeful we’re nearing the end of nappies for him. Since he had an upset tummy at nursery last month he’s been scared of the toilet there and went back to potties so we need to fix that next as he goes on out toilet by himself fine at home.

Plus he has his place at our choice of primary school pre-school for this September. He’ll be going for five mornings a week and I think he’s ready for the extra stimulation. It’s perfect, within five minutes walking, no main roads and should help him get settled into the school before he starts next year 2015!! He’ll be in a class of 16 with three teachers. It’s scary taking him away from his nursery that he loves but i think it’s for the best.

Life really is moving along quickly at the moment!







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