Being Adventurous…#BEDM


I love a bit of adventure.  Granted I don’t act on it so much these days.  A few years ago I was happy to go gliding through the air on a wire, climb mountains, camp out under the stars.  These days I prefer a few more home comforts and with having children I seem to have a few more fears as an adult than I did as a child!!  It’s amazing how age can add fear to things.

These days I prefer to leave the adventuring to Bear Grylls, and watch it on television and feel glad that its not me.

That said, I also like to think that if there were a need for survival I would manage it!!  I was a Guide for many years and can build a fire, make a den, cook outside, I would know to find water first and hopefully be able to sterilise it.  Steve and I have discussed our zombie survival plans.  Mine is to get to a packed up car and drive north to the lake district and find a little island to inhabit as I don’t think zombies can swim.

On a more realistic level, I guess I’m on a pretty big adventure right now!  The adventure called life…




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