Best Thing About Being An Adult….#BEDM

The best thing about being an adult is having got through childhood relatively unscathed.  I don’t have any wishes to go back to school age at all.  I’m glad that’s all done with.  I enjoyed my university days but who wants the life of an eternal student forever?!  I’m far more happy feeling settled with the ability to make my own decisions, do as I wish to do, and although it’d be nice to knock a few years off my age (my Dad happily told me I’m middle aged now half way through my three score years and ten).

One of the things I’m finding really strange right now, is that I can clearly remember my parents 40th birthdays.  I made my Mum a butterfly cake and decorated it myself.  I remember thinking that it was really good, yet seeing a picture of it it was really wonky and badly iced!

And I’m going to be that age myself soon.  Is there a point where we feel that we’ve grown up?  I don’t know.  I’m a parent now and still don’t feel grown up.  My parents are the grown ups, not me!!

So here’s some internet meme cartoon things that tell it better than me!


This is crazy true.   Plus now on official forms I’ll be ticking the next age group box up 😦 35-44!


I used to be fun.  I used to drive all over the country to meet up with friends, have nights out, sleepovers and fun, drink a little and do reckless things like midnight viewings of The Hobbit at the cinema, or triple film showings to see a trilogy in one sitting!  (I know, not that reckless really, more geeky).  I guess I’m banking on the fact that when the children are old enough, I may get some of that back!  Right now, I feel I have to go to bed early in case the night is disturbed and my fun levels are in negative status.

images (9)

And here’s a sappy one.  I think I’ll be ok in the end.  🙂


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