Museum Day…#BEDM

Today’s subject matter is to talk about a favourite Museum or experience.

As a child who was dragged around many a National Trust stately home by my pass holding parents I have been exposed to many a museum.

I always enjoyed Sudbury Hall with its museum of childhood.  It is one to appeal to children obviously.  And we live nearby to Shugborough which although terribly expensive to visit, is lovely and interesting.  We had a lot of school trips there when I was little.  Biddulph Grange has lovely gardens.

It’s funny how these days museums seem a lot more appealing now I’m grown up!  Unfortunately it’s hard to get the husband to feel the same but I hope to get Joel and Josiah to appreciate some of the heritage we have in the UK.

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One of my first jobs was working at the Wedgwood Visitor Centre in Barlaston.  I stood at the reception and welcomed guests, took their money, sometimes helped in the gift shop, conducted tours around the factory and the museum.  I’ve always felt an affinity with the Potteries.  It’s where my family is from and my Grandma was a lithographer when she worked there having had to leave school at 14 to help make money.  She stopped working when she married but always loved pottery and had a little kiln which she used to fire pottery which she painted as a hobby.   It’s partly one of the reasons I like Josiah as a name so much!  Josiah Wedgwood and Josiah Spode were both famous potters, and Wedgwood was instrumental in the Industrial Revolution, helping with the Trent and Mersey canal as a means of transporting the china safely.

One of my favourite memories of the Wedgwood Museum was the people who worked there.  My Grandma came along with my parents for a day visit and they were all so kind to her.  She was in a wheelchair at the time and we pushed her around the exhibitions and when we got to the stations with folk working to demonstrate the skills, when she got to the lithographer they insisted that she had a go!!  So she did, and made a bowl which they kilned and gave to her!  I have it now and it’s very special to me.

I also have various little jasper pots which I made myself and use them to put my make up brushes in!!

If you’re ever up in the midlands, I would really recommend a visit to the Potteries, especially the Wedgwood Museum and Visitor Centre.


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