Walk To Work…#BEDM

So it’s walk to work week this week.


I have walked to work most days for over three years.   We are a one car family (for now at least!!) and last year moved only 5 minutes away from my workplace.  So yes, there is no point to me driving to work at all!!  I enjoy the walk, although a sunny walk is more fun than a rainy one, that’s for sure!

I am insured on my Mum’s car and they are generous and let me borrow it when needed, ie getting children to the Dr, nipping to the supermarket for more than what would fit under a buggy, and when I’m really tired!!  But for work purposes, nope, walking all the way for me.  I know so many people who live within 1 mile of their work and they still drive.  Husband included!!  I guess there’s something about being in the car, it’s your own space and unless you make a conscious decision to make what is quite a big change to the start of your day, you’re stuck in the drive to work rut.  And yes, it is a challenge.  It involves getting up that bit earlier, having suitable clothing and footwear available, and you may get wet if it rains.   But it’s invigorating.  I never started the day feeling tired (that arrived about 3pm!!) and I would challenge you to try it.  If you can’t get the whole way on foot, try parking further away to walk, or getting off the bus earlier.  It’s good for you!

And this year, whilst I’m off on maternity leave I’m trying to walk more than usual.  I have baby weight to get rid of, and with breast feeding I’m starving all the while as well, so am eating way too much at the moment so walking is my only form of exercise as well.  Unless you count floundering on the floor with a pilates DVD on!!

So I’m trying to build up to longer walks.  It helps having a dog as she needs a walk every day and I’m adding an extra half mile on every so often and pounding up hills and going a bit further to push myself.  She appreciates it as well 🙂


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