12 Weeks!!

Ok, so Josiah turned twelve weeks last week, but he is three months old now as of the 11th May!

I do love having spring babies.  It’s my favourite season and the summer looming up ahead is getting closer and to be off all summer long on maternity leave feels wonderful!

Josiah is now holding his head much better.  I had been a bit worried as he really favoured his right side and didn’t look left at all.  When sleeping he always had his head to the right and has got a flat spot now.  I mentioned it to the HV who just gave me a leaflet saying its normal and should right itself and suddenly, a few days ago it seemed to.  I noticed that when sleeping his head was going to the left all of a sudden.  And now, he’s left or right and is holding himself upright a lot better now as well.  Whether it was a tight muscle that has fixed itself I’m not sure, but I was all ready to book in with a cranial osteopath!

We had a lovely sunny and showery day out at our local wildlife centre last week.  I think it was the last of the sunshine as its rained almost constantly since 😦

10012545_10152489378393974_2977886387617000249_n 10257046_10152489378148974_5305901118759008351_n 10341549_10152489377758974_7455583232939774973_n 10363322_10152488238173974_2073462743728585071_n 1532088_10152488238163974_2088547043917732135_n 10177423_10152488227283974_7408161844180887766_n 10342482_10152488227278974_91861098313390992_n 10255857_10152488226803974_8048452905047113500_n 10313035_10152488226773974_1164587431836292385_n 10341615_10152488226798974_9061969832234949834_n 10348316_10152488226778974_984125126084132862_n 10313035_10152488226788974_7989156690585669573_n

Josiah was a very good baby and we had an outside feed on a bench in the sunshine and managed to change a poopy nappy on a picnic bench before the rains came down again.

He has his injections tomorrow for 12 weeks although he’s 13 weeks.  I hope he deals with them as well as his 8 week ones.

And today it was nursery photographs, so I took Joel and Josiah along in matching but contrasting t-shirts in the hope that I get a beautiful one out it, but I have to say the set up was cheesey!  Lots of teddy bears, bink bunting and fluffy rugs.  Oh well, we will see.


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