British Sandwich Week…#BEDM

Mmmmm, sandwiches!!

images (8)

So quick, so tasty and easy.

As much as I like a full on roast dinner a decent sandwich can win handsdown!!  What could be more simple than slapping some ham between two pieces of bread?  Add some salad and some salad cream and you’ve got a brilliant lunch.  Or freshly hardboiled eggs with a little mayonnaise?  Cheese and mango chutney?

However, I have to say that the thrifty side of me does not like buying sandwiches when out and about!  I can’t believe how much they cost!!  I could normally buy a pack of ham and a loaf to make a ton of sandwiches for the cost of one!!  But this doesn’t bother my husband will often eat a sandwich instead of a proper dinner in the evening.  His favourite quick takeaway is a Subway.  For me, sandwiches are a lunchtime or picnic thing rather than an evening meal.

As English as what I deem a sandwich to be, the Americans have made them into something else with plastic cheese, meatballs and different breads piled up with sauces.  But, the English win hands down with the ceremony of afternoon tea.  About 5 years ago I got to go to The Ritz in London for afternoon tea.  The sandwiches there were sublime.   All cut into fingers without crusts, smoked salmon with lemon on brown bread, ham and mustard on white, cheese on tomato bread and cucumber on white with cream cheese.  Of course the scones, cakes and petit fours all served by a charming waiter with any type of tea you requested helped as well!

I’m going to have afternoon tea with a friend as we share the same birthday next week and I can’t wait!


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