World Fair Trade Day… #BEDM

So today is World Fair Trade Day.

I have to say, I do try to buy British products when I can.  I believe in supporting our local farmers and not buying things that create huge air miles.  I will choose british meat, fruit and vegetables over those produced abroad.

But in the case of things like bananas, which need to come from sunnier climes, I do buy Fairtrade.  And as much as I love a bar of Cadbury chocolate I also like the Fairtrade bars available in the Divine brand.

The range of Fairtrade products has grown immensely since its inception 20 years ago and most supermarkets do stock a decent range.

download (9)

Fairtrade also goes along very closely with Churches.  How can it not?  Supporting Fairtrade is totally something Jesus would do!  It’s about better living for farmers in less well off nations, and making their lives better.   Plus it is just about treating them fairly for the work they do and the products they grow for our consumption.   Many churches have become ‘Fairtrade Churches’ and all the tea, coffee and products supplied during services for refreshments are Fairtrade ones.   I have now queried whether this is something our church can aspire to with our pastor so hope to see a change there soon 🙂


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