May the Fourth Be With You #BEDM

Today’s topic is to talk about Sci-Fi.



I’m more of a fantasy fan myself when it comes to books, Lord of the Rings, Assassins Apprentice, Game of Thrones, Mists of Avalon, Stardust and the Discworld novels.

I do enjoy a varied repertoire of novels and have never really found sci-fi all that easy to read.  I had to study some postmodern novels whilst at Uni and read Huxley’s ‘A Brave New World’ and I’ve read the Hunger Games.   But I do enjoy a sci-fi film and TV show!  Somehow the action on a screen helps my brain see what it can’t in a novel.

One of my earliest Mum and me memories is sitting down together to watch the Star Wars trilogy over a weekend when it was on TV.   I think that was my first taste of science fiction and it went on from there.  I even went to the cinema as a teenager to watch the new Star Trek when the Captain was Jean Luc-Picard!!


Remember this one from years ago?  I can’t remember if it was on around the same time as Happy Days, but Nanu nanu folks!!

download (2)

Oh, and X-Men!  I am a massive fan of Hugh Jackman and have made sure I go to all the Marvel remakes and comic film adaptations.  Just something about the action, fun and good always beating evil appeals to me I guess.  Plus he’s very easy on the eye!!


Dr Who, I guess that would count as sci-fi as well.   I personally favoured David Tennant as the Dr.  There was just something appealing and endearing about his Dr so I was gutted when he left.  I never felt the same about Matt Smith, or Christopher Eccleston and I’m not sure what I’ll make of the new Peter bloke.


And I love watching The Big Bang Theory which is a celebration of sci-fi and all things geeky!  I guess there’s a bit of geek in us all if we look for it!

images (3)

So there you have it, a few of my random thoughts on Sci-fi.   Can you tell I’m feeling tired again today?!


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