Weekend Morning Routine #BEDM

I think when you have children the morning routine is pretty much the same as most days!

Joel seems to have an inner alarm clock which wakes him promptly at 7am each day, and to be honest, we look at 7am as a lie in as he has been known to be rather overly active from 5am onwards!

I am often woken by being kicked in the head, or scrabbled over, or by having his Thomas and Percy driving down my leg, with Percy trying to save Thomas from going over the edge.

But, since Josiah has been around, Steve has been pretty good at getting up with Joel and taking him downstairs so I can sleep in until Josiah wakes for a feed around 8ish giving me an extra hour.   Well, I do get up to do all the night feeds so it’s the least he can do really!!

Anyway, Steve’s morning involves collapsing on the sofa under the blanket, putting a Thomas DVD on for Joel and getting more sleep.

My morning involves feeding Josiah, coming downstairs and setting out breakfast.  Joel and I prefer to start the day with a good breakfast, sat around the table, so Josiah may go and sit in his chair under the closed but watchful eye of his Daddy, whilst Joel and I chat about what we’d like to do, have cereal and I have tea whilst Joel has milk.  We might have some toast, or a crumpet, and sometimes fruit and yoghurt.  Joel always likes a second helping!!  I sometimes require two cups of tea to feel functional.

I heard on a radio show that we British folk are creatures of habit and this is very true for me.  I always use the same Emma Bridgewater mugs for my morning cups of tea.   I don’t feel that I’ve had a proper breakfast unless I’ve been sat at the table and I like to set it out with bowls, spoons, sugar bowl and cereals.  The only thing I’m missing is a toast rack!

Then it is time for dressing.  Getting myself sorted is easy.  Quick shower, hair dry, slap on moisturiser and a bit of foundation, sometimes blusher if I’m tired and mascara (that’s my minimal make up look) and then dress Josiah.  He is easy too.  He has no say in what he’s going to be wearing.  The trouble comes when I try to get Joel sorted.  If he’s being a useful engine he will put his own pants, socks and trousers on.  If he is being a naughty Diesel, then he will run around naked and hide under the bed where I’ll leave him as I’m not engaging in that behaviour!!

We’re normally up and about by 9.30-10am at the weekend.  Certainly on a Sunday as we all go off to Church for 10am.  Saturdays can be leisurely after breakfast when we go out with the dog for a walk, or to the shops.  I prefer the more quiet days at the weekend when Steve is around to help.  In the weeks when it’s just me it can be chaotic and frustrating!

I’m just waiting for the time that Joel is old enough to bring me a cup of tea in bed.   Steve is never awake early enough to do it 😦


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