5 Favourite Posts… #BEDM

Gosh, where to begin.

I have over 850 posts on this blog to choose from!!!

1 – The first blog post.  This was when I was just married, we’d had a fabulous honeymoon in Mexico, we’d got a new puppy and thought about having a baby!!  And neither of us thought it would be so quick.  I have a photo of my family which I love, as I had got back from a work trip to Oman in the July, I was on holiday in Wales and we were all sat around and happy, and I was 8 weeks pregnant but didn’t know it!!  The next few posts on from this one were me worrying that I hadn’t got a period and wondering whether something was wrong with me!  It never occurred to me that I was pregnant already.  Then having done the wee on a stick test, I had two positive ones!  I was overwhelmed, both with excitement and totally scared as I didn’t know how to be a parent!  And that is where this blog sprang from really!

2 – The Arrival of our First Son.  Having waited 9 months to meet him, this post was a good one.  Our little man became such an important part to our lives and this blog has been rather dedicated to keeping a check on him growing up, and documenting his life, his developments, and pictures of him as he got bigger.

P1020715 IMG_2121

3 – Our First Abroad Holiday as a Family.   This had stressed me out a lot.   Going abroad with a toddler was an effort.  But we had a great week away.  I had suffered a second miscarriage two weeks previously.  One week before my 12 week scan we found I’d had a missed miscarriage.  Due to being booked on flights two weeks after I had to undergo surgery and was signed off work for a fortnight.  The holiday was a very refreshing break, somewhere new and, rather miraculously, where Josiah was conceived!  So yes, I was glad to be on holiday and it gave us our second baby boy.

4 – Moving On Up.   Having lived on my own in a small terraced house for seven years, and for nearly three years with my husband moving to a bigger house was a big deal for me.  But we found a perfect location and a lovely house with tons of potential, but it needed a lot of redecorating doing to it.  We put an offer in, had it accepted and I’ve been documenting the progress which has been a slow but steady thing.  We don’t have the money to do everything in one go and we’re trying to manage to do what we can ourselves (and with our parents help!)  But I love this house such a lot now!!

2013-05-27 16.18.28 IMG_1817

5 – Our Second Baby.   As I mentioned above, having a miscarriage was awful, but the holiday was great and on getting home, moving house and beginning renovations I began to feel sick.  I left it as long as I could, but had to do the test and got a positive!!  I couldn’t believe it had happened so quickly.  And only 9 months later here was Josiah to be a little brother to Joel 🙂


 So those are five of my favourite posts!!  They hold very special memories for me, and have shaped what this blog became and who I have become too 🙂


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