What Is My Blog All About? #BEDM

This blog began in August 2010 when I was newly married and attempting to think about starting to try for a baby.

Ironically, I was already pregnant since July but didn’t realise!!  In April 2011 Joel was born.  As a first time mother everything was a bit stressful, crazy and my world turned upside down, but in a good way.

I got into blogging when I was taking some classes towards a Post Graduate Diploma in Media Futures.  I hadn’t known about blogs before that, and an assignment meant I had to create one.  I chose to follow the Rugby Union World Cup and report on that as whilst I was a Uni 15 years ago, I had played on the women’s rugby team.  I was a big Johnny Wilkinson fan 🙂

I then got a MySpace (ha ha!  Who remembers MySpace?!) account and used the blogging facility on there, before cutting and pasting it all into Blogger.

Having managed to fill my photo allowance on that blog, I then imported it all to WordPress a year or so ago as it seemed a good idea at the time!

I’ve had various blogs over the years, including a wedding planning blog, but this one seems to have stood the test of time.  It is a bit of a diary for me, and having recently had a second baby it’s been helpful to look back and compare pregnancy aches and pains and worries.  You’ll also find my attempts at making birthday cakes, our house renovation as we work through room by room (having moved in May last year), occasional recipes, two pregnancies and bump pictures, two birth stories, two miscarriage stories, the introduction of our dog, Izzy, family life and working life.  Oh, and occasional travels and holidays, although that doesn’t happen so much anymore!!

Plus, I have to say that I have loved reading other blogs of people in the same situation as me.  It’s almost comforting to know that you’re not alone in your worries and I feel that if me discussing something which is going on in my life can offer support or help to others, then I think it’s worth it.

So welcome to my blog.   Feel free to browse around. I hope you see something you like!



4 thoughts on “What Is My Blog All About? #BEDM

  1. Over after a quick #BEDM search! Love how you’ve given a full picture of where your blogs came from! I must have started blogging in 2004/5 (Livejournal!!) but have nothing from that time and my current blog seems pretty young in comparison. I look forward to getting to know more about you and your family 🙂


  2. Great post! I love that I’m documenting my children’s life. It’s wonderful isn’t it? Only thing I never did was the pregnancy because I wasn’t blogging then if I did have a third I’d love to have that record rather than just a few photos here and there x


    • I’m really glad to be honest I had my pregnancy blog! I love reading other blogs about babies and life!! Thanks for the comments! I will pop over to your blog too!!


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