Blogging Every Day In May

Ive been following the blog of Rosalilium for a little while now.  Mainly as she began extolling the virtues of Birmingham which is my nearest city, and one which is seriously under estimated throughout the UK!!  I cannot for the life of me remember how I came across her blogging, but I will put that down to the baby brain I am currently suffering from.  Sleep deprivation and a heavy cold do not combine to create a top of the morning Kate by any means.

Anyway, she has set this challenge, to blog every day in May #BEDM and although this blog is about following the day to day lives of me and my babies, there is more to me than being a Mum, and I feel that it would be fun to wrack my brain to come with a blog post for each daily theme.

It will help you learn a bit more about me other than the selfie taking, snot wiping, food producing, sleeping when I can person I have become of late!!

I am not technically minded and can’t get the badge to work on my side bar, so here is the picture instead as I can save a jpeg!!


Anyway, blogging daily is a serious challenge when your time is meant to be taken up with 10 week old babies and entertaining toddlers, so lets see how I do with it!!  I have seven days to prepare at any rate!  🙂


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