10 Weeks Later….. (Plus a day!!)

Josiah turned ten weeks old yesterday, and I can’t believe in two weeks time he’s been here nearly a quarter of a year!  And if I carry on feeding myself I will earn my Bronze boobies!!  (I don’t know where it began, but three months of breast feeding is bronze boobies, six months is silver boobies and one year is gold boobies!!)

Feeding has been going fine.  He is reducing the time it takes, so a feed will only take between 10-15 minutes during the day, sort of every 3-4 hours now, but at night he is sleeping from 9pm after a good feed, and going through to 3am which is a marvellous 6 hours.  Then we sometimes have a bit of a struggle to poop, but once that is sorted he settles back down for another 4 hours so I cannot complain at all.

He is a very smiley boy at the moment.  He loves to see us first thing in the morning and breaks out with a huge grin!  He’s also very happy later in the afternoon.  He seems to have developed his own routine which is wake up about 8am, and I either get him dressed, or on Joel’s nursery days just take him out in his sleepsuit to get Joel there on time.  He then sleeps for about 3-4 hours, has a feed, a short awake time and sleeps some more.   He has a longer awake time in the afternoon, and may go back to sleep at about 4pm for a couple of hours.  He’s normally awake by 6pm and then sits in bed with me watching the ipad until his last feed between 8 and 9 pm before his long night sleep.

His nappies are still not quite right so yesterday I managed to get a new sample and we walked round to the hospital to drop it off for testing.  It was probably one of the freshest samples they’ve ever had as it was there within 15 minutes!!  Ha ha!!

Josiah still likes lying and looking at the world from his baby mat.  He certainly has a preference to tilt his head to the right and he has got a bit of flat head that side.  I try to encourage him to tilt it the other way by sitting that side and putting his toys there and it works for a bit, but whether it will round out again I don’t know.  It’s weird to think their skulls are so soft still!  He also likes his bouncy chair and will sit in that happily for ages.  If he is being held, he likes to be upright to look over your shoulder and walked around.  He is not a baby who likes to sit still in your arms unless asleep.  And even then he seems to prefer being put in his pram.  I really don’t seem to create cuddly children 😦  Ironically, our dog would love nothing more than to be invited to sit on our knee and be cuddled.  Maybe she got all the cuddly genes!!

He is a strong baby and he is learning to swing his legs up and has nearly rolled over a couple of times but not quite made it.   I really can’t remember what ages or stages babies are meant to do these things, but I do know all babies have their own schedules so am not worrying too much!  He is a good smiler and that is enough for me!!

photo 1 (28) photo 5 (14) photo 4 (19)

Here we are with Mummy squeezed onto the play mat as well!  Joss really seemed to see himself in the phone and posed beautifully!!


photo 3 (26) photo 2 (26) photo 1 (27)


He’s not in his cot yet, he still sleeps in his basket by me in our room, but he’s not as small in the cot as Joel was at this age!!  He loves lying there and looking at his wall stickers whilst I get dressed in a morning.  I will miss him when he moves into his own room 😦  I love this outfit though, it was a gift from my Aunty and Uncle!  And he’s so cute in it!

photo (15)


And here’s me with my two boys.   I know all these selfies are rather self indulgent, but I realised I don’t have many pictures of just me and Joel whereas I took a lot of Joel with his Daddy and others.  So for me to have pictures of us together, I have to take them myself!  Not to be too morbid, but if anything were to happen to me, I want Joel and Joss to have evidence of our happy times.

photo (14)


Admittedly, Josiah looks a bit stunned here!  Hee hee!!




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