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So on Tuesday as my parents were busy I had both boys for the day.   I wanted to get Joel’s feet measured as his size 6’s were feeling a bit on the small side so I decided it was time to tackle town with two on my own!!  Then we had to go to clinic with Josiah and get him checked over by a Dr.

So we went along to toddlers in the morning, had some lunch and Joel was getting a bit bored and floppy so we decided to load the car up and head off.  We parked at Tesco and walked along to Clarks for shoes.  He had indeed grown to a size 7 so we chose a new pair which he wore straight away and we headed to clinic.  There was a huge queue of people so as it was a sunny day we headed to the park for half an hour to let the rush die down a bit.  Joel was the only one in it, and we went on the see-saw, the swings, he had a bounce, a run around and a climb and then we headed to see the birds in the aivary before heading back to the clinic.

As I wasn’t getting Joss weighed the HV just put us down to see the Dr, but we still had quite a wait and it was very hot in the waiting room.  Joel was getting tired and Josiah woke up and wanted a feed.  I was up a corner and trying to be as discreet as possible (I don’t expose myself at all!) but I still got some looks from older ladies, or so I thought.  Maybe I was being paranoid.  Anyway, Josiah then pushed a poop through so we all went to the loo to do a nappy change and on getting back we were called through to the Dr.

I’d saved the nappy for him, and he took a sample to send for testing.  He just said it sometimes happens and not to worry, to keep doing what I’m doing and it may resolve itself, it may not.  It’s just too much bile coming through but if he’s not ill in other means, then it happens.  He also told me to keep oiling Joss’s head for the cradle cap and prescribed us more eye drops for the sticky eye.

We walked back to Tesco, and Joel then complained his foot was hurting with his new shoe.  On closer inspection, yes, on the the tongue there is a hard lump which presses onto the top of his foot, sort of where the stitching is too bulky, so I’ll be taking them back as faulty and hopefully exchanging them.  I don’t want to spend that much money on shoes for him for him to not be able to wear them!!  (I could buy at least two pairs for what his cost!!)

Then this is where I was a bit over ambitious.  We had nothing prepared for dinner so I thought I’d risk going into Tesco to buy a pizza for dinner.   But it was too much, Josiah began to cry, Joel was pickley and I was stressed.  By the time I’d grabbed a pizza and some salad bits and got to the tills I was the exasperated mother looking pink and sweaty with hair falling about me in a wild manner!  Joel asked for his noonie and said he’d dropped it somewhere.  Josiah was getting louder so I said ‘noonie has gone.  We’ll find another at home’ and feeling like a terrible mother stuck Joel on the buggy board and whisked them both back to the car crying!  I was intending to ring Tesco to ask whether anyone had found a scroggy little white comfort blanket later when it turned out he hadn’t dropped it at all, it was under the pram but had been quite willing to leave it and get home.

Both boys then fell asleep in the car on the drive home, Josiah only after a massive cry where I couldn’t do anything being stuck in traffic 😦

After pizza I got Joel into bed and he started to cough.  He’d been fine all afternoon, and whilst at the Dr’s (why can’t illnesses take place when convenient, like in the Dr surgery!) and was up in the night a bit.   He seemed ok for nursery but was very floppy last night on getting home and cried at the dinner table to go to bed early.  He slept from 6pm until 11.30pm, then had cuddles with me and stories until 12.30 and slept till 6am.   He’s currently home from nursery as he had a temperature and a funny tummy, (he really seems to suffer with snot and mucas when he has a cold) and is fast asleep on the sofa.

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My Mum is coming round this afternoon so I may get chance for a nap then.  I should of course be napping now but know the second I close my eyes Joss will wake so I’m powering through at the moment!  Despite feeling the sleep deprivation today.  And Joss is still doing well with his 5 hours but it’s the Joel being up which is making me tired at the moment.  And I went to bed at 8pm last night!  Yawn!

Oh, and Josiah had two normal coloured nappies yesterday afternoon, but went back to green overnight and they’re green again today.  Very strange.  I will wait to see what the test results say with interest!  We’re seeing the same Dr next week for his 8 week jabs so hopefully we’ll get some more information then if not before 🙂


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