Bye bye Pink Bedroom!

It has been a while since I’ve reported on our house decoration!

And that’s because it’s hard to think about decorating with a new born baby!!  Ha!

But yesterday my lovely Dad came round to help remove the three shades of pink that was our bedroom.

photo 1 (25) photo 1 (26)

I started to help but that was with Joss being asleep.  He soon woke, and needed a nappy change, a feed, dressing, a bath and hair wash (due to the oil all over him) and then we nipped out to get his hand and foot prints taken in clay.  We’d had Joel’s done at 8 weeks and therefore I felt we had to have Josiah’s done the same!  It’ll look lovely when finished and I think I’ll hang them in the dining room.

Then it was back to it and more stripping.  Then I made us pizza for lunch with salad (leftover really from the previous nightmare Tesco shopping trip of yester post) and my work colleague popped round with some large round cake tins!  A lady at work had seen my facebook plea for something over 9inches and had responded!  Yay!  So I sat and chatted for an hour whilst my Dad carried on without me.   Then he asked what paper I’d got, and the answer was I hadn’t!  So off to B&Q I went to return a towel holder, but that had gone over the 45 day return thing, so I got a credit note.  I bought more lining paper, wallpaper paste, filler and a pot of paint.  I didn’t like any of their wallpapers so went to Laura Ashley instead who were having a sale.

I’d decided on a shimmery but neutral white paper for one wall and the paint colour is Jasmine white so Steve is going to get his white walls, and then I think I fancy a nice blue floral/stripe duvet and curtains.  I think.   I’m still not entirely sure, but blue and white feels clean and relaxing to me at the moment.  Still, anything will go with the white paper and walls so I will head to Dunelm Mill to see what they have in after payday I think.  I didn’t like any of the Laura Ashley sets and they were very expensive indeed.  And by the time I got back, my Dad had removed all the wallpaper.  We’re hoping to put the new paper up tomorrow and then paint at the weekend 🙂

I have also been looking for some new furniture as nothing in our room matches at all.  One wardrobe came from my Grandma’s house, one from my sisters and I have a very cheap Ikea chest of drawers.  We can’t really afford expensive furniture, but we could go a bit more high end from Ikea now!!  I think some white wardrobes, bedside tables and a chest of drawers would do.  And a full length mirror as I don’t have one upstairs so never really know what I look like at the moment!!  I could sort all that for under £1000 so am saving towards that now.

With Joel’s room done, the nursery done and the bathroom done, once our room is sorted we can then think about hall, stairs and landing and a new front door!  Oh, and the garden which my mother in law assures me, Steve’s Dad can sort in three days!  I’m not sure he wants that level of a project whilst they’re here next week, but something has to be done in order for the climbing frame to be assembled in time for Joel’s birthday!  And Steve wouldn’t let me book the professionals to do it, (all of whom said it would be a week’s work for two men plus a mini digger!!) so it’ll be all hands on deck and I really hope that the sun shines all next week!!


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