Flying Time……

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I can’t believe how fast the time is passing by.  Josiah is already 8 weeks old!!  He has his jabs next Tuesday and I’m not really looking forward to that one 😦  Poor little man.  We are going to the Dr’s this afternoon as well though as we’ve had green poopy nappies since Friday and for a breast fed baby, that means something is the matter.  I’m not just talking mild yellow/green, I’m talking spinach green and mucasy 😦   Yuk!

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He’s absolutely fine in himself, and green nappies have been a bit regular the past few weeks, but mainly one or two overnight with mustard yellow through the day which I put down to him being a bit lazy when feeding in the evening and taking too much air in as it’s a sign of colic.  He has certainly been a bit more unsettled with some burps needing serious attention and we’re working on the latch, but to have five days of nothing but green is a bit bad.  I have raised it previously with the health visitor who said as long as they go back to mustard coloured then not to worry and on speaking to her again yesterday she said to take him to clinic this afternoon to have a Dr check him over and maybe send a sample off.

He has had a bit of a sniffley cold this past week which could be causing it but I want to make sure.  Luckily my Mum has lent us her car again today.  My parents can’t have Joel for his normal Tuesday so I’m taking him along to our church toddler group in a minute and it’s a drive away rather than a walk.  Well, I could walk, but Joel couldn’t.  And it’d take about 45 minutes probably!!

Josiah has also got really bad cradle cap on his head, and over one part of his forehead.  He’s very crusty looking which is such a shame when he’s a good looking baby!  I’m moisturising him with oil a few times a day and brushing his scalp with a soft brush but it’s not seemingly helping so the Dr may need to prescribe something stronger for it.

Joel on the other hand has been a very good boy since the road incident last Thursday.  He is making a concerted effort to be good which is lovely and I’m making sure I praise him for him and tell him I’m very pleased with him.  This morning he dressed himself (his pants are on backwards but I’ve left them until I can amend it when he goes to the loo!!) but his trousers are fine.  He picked his own clothes from the drawer and proudly told me that ‘he was a useful engine!  He even folded his pyjamas up and put them in his bed for tonight!  He’s so mad on Thomas the tank engine at the moment.  He asked Grandma for Hiro, Spencer and Toby so she’s E-baying like mad to get them cheaply for his birthday.  We’ve got him Diesel and Diesel 10 and a Megabloks Percy set.    Not to mention the climbing frame for outside!!  It’s going to be built next week so I’m very excited!

He still comes out with funny little words.  He surprises me and makes me laugh about 10 times a day!  I wish I could remember it all, but it’s impossible.  Pushing the pram with Joel on the buggy board up to church on Sunday we got to a bit of a hill and Joel piped up ‘come on Mum, you can do it’ as I was puffing and panting a bit!  Then he said ‘mum, you are strong’ because on Thomas it’s often said that the engines were strong in character!  He is like a little sponge soaking up all the words at the moment.   He loves ‘reading’ his Thomas stories at nighttime, after I’ve read it to him, he has the book and remembers certain lines and which ones go with with picture and talks me through the story afterwards.  He also likes re-enacting his Thomas films with his trains.  He got Misty Island Rescue recently from Granny and Grandpa, and it opens with Diesel taking flatbeds of Joby wood and losing it over a cliff, so we currently have lots of Joby wood falling about and Thomas saving Diesel (who is actually Percy since he doesn’t yet have Diesel!!).  He is very good at playing and creating scenes and stories.

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