Worst Mummy Moment…

On Thursday I went to collect Joel from nursery and as we were walking out another Mum passed me and asked after Josiah.  In the few seconds it took me to say ‘fine thanks’ and keep going, Joel had run down the path and round the corner.  I shouted him to come back to me, and he paused at the end of the path, laughed and took off running towards the very busy main road right behind the nursery.

I dashed along the path pushing joss in the pram, and Joel was heading for the road.   I shouted at him to stop and he laughed and ignored me.  I yelled, then I shrieked and then I screamed.  I was completely helpless to stop him from going into the road.

He did stop of his own accord but right on the edge.  I hate to think what the drivers thought seeing a little boy hurtling along towards the cars.  Had he tripped he would have fallen into the road.

I got to him, grabbed him to me and shouted.  He just looked really puzzled and a bit worried.  I burst into tears and hugged him whilst shouting, just trying to make him understand he would get hurt and that he had to listen to Mummy when she said to stop running.

On telling Steve later, it seems that he and Joel always run to and from nursery so he probably thought I ought to be playing as well, but i was in a right state, I couldn’t stop shaking and was very tearful all evening.

Since then, Joel has been very good and walking by the pram, asking if he can run and stopping when I tell him to, and telling me that he has stopped as well.

These 2-3 years are going to be challenging, I can tell 😦  If I can’t even manage to control Joel with a shout when out I will have to keep him tethered with a wrist strap which we do have, but he hates having on.  He’s like a little dog who wants his freedom to run around which I wouldn’t mind as long as I could trust him to behave.  Next time I collect from nursery I will ensure he’s wearing it, whether he cries and drags along or not.


One thought on “Worst Mummy Moment…

  1. Very scary! I had a similar experience with my niece while she was visiting and when you typed “I yelled, then I shrieked and then I screamed” I knew exactly what you were feeling because I felt that exact and instantaneous progression of an all consuming fear and certainty that I would not catch her if she didn’t stop on her own. It took me quite some time to stop shaking afterwards too and just thinking back makes me cringe.


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