10 Reasons Why Three is More Terrible Than Two….


And it’s all very true as well, at least for Joel who isn’t even three yet!  Just under a month to go!

1. At two, they can barely talk. At three, they never shut the hell up.

Joel is a happy little chatter, and I guess he talks with his toys a lot rather than asking me ‘why’ at the moment, although hearing ‘I need a poo’ can send me running into the lounge to see that it’s Thomas the train talking to James about his bowel movements, and not Joel needing the loo after all!!

2. At two, they cry. At three, they throw temper tantrums so epic, you become convinced that they are possessed by the devil.

We’ve been lucky so far.  We had a terrible tantrum at Thomas Land after the soft play time finished and Joel had to leave.  Steve tried putting Joel’s wellies on his feet and the result was the biggest tantrum we’ve had yet!  a- he didn’t want to leave, and b- he wanted to put his own wellies on!!

3. At two, they’re happy to eat anything you present to them. At three, they eat only three foods (usually consisting of a starch and processed cheese.)

Joel is beginning to ask for chicken and chips a lot.  A result of Steve and his McDonalds habit?  Well, I’m just glad that any chicken will do, although he’s still funny about potato and has to be very hungry and distracted to eat it but rice and pasta is still in favour.

4. At two, baths are a ten minute event, the result of which is a clean child. At three, baths take over an hour, and result in a drenched bathroom, sopping wet mommy and 16 used towels.

This is so true!  We can always tempt him upstairs with a bath but he will not get out until he is ready!!  And he has to have ALL his bath toys and he likes to lie down for ‘swimming’.  He managed to poo in the bath last night for the first time ever and was so upset.  He’s never done that before and I think he’s getting to the stage of being so into his play that he ignores the toilet signs.  Steve had to sort it as I was feeding Josiah!!

5. At two, they wear diapers that can be changed on your watch. At three, they’re potty trained and the world revolves around their bladders and bowels.

Hmm, as above!  And forever asking if he needs a wee or a poo.  Our next task is getting him to the toilet rather than the potty.  He’ll go to the toilet at home and Grandmas, but still is going on the potty at nursery at the moment.  Oh, and trialling pull ups at night to get him out of nappies all together.

6. At two, they are distracted by a box of raisins at the grocery store. At three, they want to dictate your entire food list.

For chicken, chips, ham and peas.  Oh, and yoghurt.  Which has to be Thomas yoghurt now since Steve was taken in by a special offer a month ago!

7. At two, they let you dress them, looking innocent and adorable. At three, they insist on picking out their clothes, looking like pint sized versions of mental institution inhabitants.

Joel went through a little phase of deciding not to wear what I was pulling out for him but that seems to have gone for the time being.  I hope it doesn’t come back as it makes mornings a lot more stressy than they need to be.   Although we are currently going through a dressing himself phase and he can do his pants and trousers so far, although trousers sometimes end up on backwards which is ok I guess!

8. At two, they don’t like to get dirty. At three, they thrive on it.

Again, Joel is a bit different here.   He does not like mess.   He has refused chocolate as it would mean getting melty mess on his fingers.  He prefers a bowl with a spoon to eat it!!  He will come for a wipe to clean his fingers, washes his hands before meals and after the toilet, and doesn’t like being sticky.   Steve and I tell him that its ok for him to get messy but it’s one his quirks.

9. At two, you can do things for them, saving infinite amounts of time. At three, they must do everything by themselves, taking FOREVER.

This one hits home.   Joel is Mr Independent and has been for a while.  I choose my battles at the moment.  Sometimes its quicker to let him do it himself although I could do it faster as if I try to help he stops, tantrums and starts again which takes longer in the long run.  Saying that, if we let him have a go and he realises he needs help, he asks for it and is good about it as well.  He has learnt he can’t yet climb into his car seat himself, but he can climb into his dining chair seat.  He can’t quite cut all his food, but he can cut soft things.  And like I’ve mentioned, he is learning to dress himself and although he can’t zip up his coat, he can unzip it and take it off for hanging up himself!

10. At two, manipulation is the last thing on their minds. At three, they own you. And they know it.

Yep, agree with this one too!  Joel certainly tries a lot more on at home for me than he would at say, nursery!  Although Grandma is getting taken for a bit of a ride as well but she doesn’t seem to mind!  Last week we popped to Mothercare and the next thing I knew Joel had a giant dinosaur toy and a chocolate lolly!  I guess that’s what Grandma’s are for!!  Insert Joel’s face below….!

download (1)

And it makes life a little bit harder for sure, but the little cuddles, and hand holding makes it worth it.  Here’s a sweet picture below….

10157263_10152388859453974_962297594_n 1911886_10152388499198974_853966782_n


Here is Joel chatting with his brother after his day at nursery.  He is a good boy really!  And Josiah with a few more smiles on his playmat yesterday.  Toddlers certainly make babies seem easy, that’s for sure!!  Despite the sleep deprivation from night feeds.  Josiah is having another growth spurt I think, and has fed every two hours at night again the past two nights, rather than the 4-5 hours I’d got used to.

Plus, according to Wonder Weeks he is having his second ‘leap’ this week and is a bit more clingy and wanting more comfort sucking and cuddles.  So it’s probably ironic that we’re going to Exeter to see Steve’s parents this weekend and we’re all tired, grumpy and full of colds!  Hey ho…..




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