Joel’s Best Day Ever!!! (So far…..)!

At Drayton Manor as it’s out of season they were opening Thomas Land for March weekends with half price entry.  I’ve heard it can take a good day to get round just the Thomas Land rides so we decided rather on the spur of the moment for us to take Joel and Joss on Saturday rather than in season when we can’t get on any adult rides.  We booked our tickets online that morning, to collect at the gate, made a picnic and packed Joss’s nappy bag and headed off.

Joel was very excited at the prospect of ‘Thomas Land’ and it only took under an hour to drive there.

Once there we followed the crowds (it seemed really busy considering it was out of season but then I guess we weren’t the only folks trying to get round for half price!!) and Joel was enraptured!  All the rides were based on a Thomas character and he ran around saying hello to them all at the Tidmouth Sheds!!

photo 2 (30)photo 2 (34)photo 1 (36)

It was really very cold so I bought him a Thomas hat and scarf to keep him warm.  I was not expecting such a chill wind factor poor fellow as we’d had such a mild March so far.   There were lots of women who also had been confounded by the weather and were wearing vests and flip flops!! I also worried about Josiah being cold in his pram but he was well wrapped up in there.  He went on the Winston Whistle Stop Tour (which had the largest queue being the first ride you get to), then we went to ‘Knapford Station’ where you could queue to ride either Thomas or Percy, (well, they pull the coaches) and Joel was adamant only Thomas would do.  We were nearing the front of the queue and were destined for Thomas when Joel decided he needed a wee!  Steve grabbed him and dashed to the toilet when the train pulled in!  I ended up hanging back to wait and Steve got back just in time for us to get the last buggy space and carriage!   His little face when he saw Thomas coming up to him, and then Percy was just amazing, he was so happy!

photo 3 (34)photo 5 (23)

photo 3 (29) photo 4 (22) photo 5 (18)

The train took us to the other end of the park and on getting Josiah out of the pram he of course wanted a feed so I tried my best to be modest on a child’s train ride!!

photo 1 (30) photo 5 (16)

Joel loved the Spencer’s play area and dino trail, and the sun shone for us, albeit for a short while.  Then we caught Thomas’s train again back to the main park.

photo 2 (29) photo 5 (17) photo 1 (29)

After a few more rides we had a horrific and freezing cold rain shower so ran into the largest Thomas shop in the UK.  All parents had the same idea and then all seemed to wish that they hadn’t!  Joel thought it was great and kept grabbing boxes of trackmaster and other things all over the £70 mark!!  And like the other parents Steve had to carry Joel out under his arm crying ‘But I want that one!!’  (At the moment we have the Brio Thomas, Percy, James, Edward, Gordon, and Henry.  Not to mention Annie and Clarabel.   But he still wants Emily, Toby, Spencer and Hiro, or so he told Grandma the other day!!

Anyway, we were there for about 5 hours and after going on lots of rides and seeing it all we decided to head home as we were pretty frozen and tired out.  There were rides we didn’t get on so it would be worth going back, maybe next year if they do the same deal again.  And Joel was a really happy boy for the day out and it was a lovely family day for us all which we don’t do all that often 🙂


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