6 Weeks

Ok, so my little big baby Josiah is 6 weeks old now.  He really is a lovely baby.  He’s cuddly, cute and has fitted into life very well.  I’m gearing up for the next growth spurt which is meant to happen at 6 weeks apparently.   It may have started as he’s gone from going to bed at 7pm, feeding at 10pm, sleeping through till 2am and having a feed and nappy change, then sleeping till 7am  (yep, 5 hours so what is classed as ‘going through’ by Dr’s) to waking every 2-3 hours again for a feed.   Just as my body gets used to the extra couple of hours!!  It’s hard all the adjusting.

My boobs are finding it hard as well.   One day they are fed on a lot and feel very empty, and the next they’re ready for a feed whereas he isn’t interested.  And if I were to express it would just create too much milk.   I’m sure things weren’t quite like this with Joel.   I know when I got mastitis I had to express a lot, but I seem to have a lot more milk this time.  The other night Steve, Joss and I were sat in bed watching ‘The American Office’ (Steve has watched them all before, but I’ve not seen them) and Joss was feeding, came off quickly to sneeze and a projectile spurt of milk kept coming out of my right nipple into his face.  I quickly clamped a muslin over it and Joss got back to work but I never actually spurted milk like that.   I’ve noticed on getting out of the shower, if I’m not quick enough to get a bra on, and nursing pads, I’m dripping milk all down myself and have to get back in the shower.   I even managed to get milk in my laptop the other day.  Don’t tell Steve!  He loves his applemacs.

Anyway, I’m hoping that the supply will settle down soon.   I’m getting through nursing pads like there’s no tomorrow and they don’t stay where they’re meant to, and seem to turn inside out all the time leaving the sticky attached to me, rather than my bra.  I could do with another bra as well as I’m having to wash them so often for when I forget to put the pads in, like this morning!!  It was only after answering the door I realised that when Joss had fed off my right breast, my left breast had been leaking at the same time!

photo 4 (21) photo 5 (15) photo 1 (27)


This is the best way to spend a morning.  Feeding, cuddling and re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I managed to catch a little Joss yawn, and milky happy smile 🙂   Steve thinks that two is enough but I have to say I love the baby stage so much, I can’t quite imagine this being it for us already.   I’ve said we’ll have to talk about it in a year or so.  I love the close baby cuddles, helping them to grow through my own milk and doing all the goo-goo-gi-choo stuff!  Only for my own mind, I seem to prefer my own babies to everyone elses but I think that’s normal!!  Plus, I would love to have a little girl as well, not that a third boy would be a problem for me at all either.  The only issue is persuading Steve that it would be a good idea.  He is adament we’re done now.  😦  That’s way too practical for me!!

photo 3 (28) photo 2 (28)


Here Josiah is having some tummy time.  He’s not terribly impressed by it.  He is a very strong baby and frequently headbutts me, punches me and flings himself about in the direction of nipples if he feels he should have extra milk!!  But how cute is he?!!!

photo 1 (28)photo 5 (14)

photo 4 (20)photo 3 (26)photo 2 (26)


Some more of his funny faces, both awake and asleep!  He’s starting to lose his hair round the sides of his head where he rubs it and turns his head in his sleep.  He’s going to be a little mohican soon!!

photo 1 (31)photo 2 (32)


Joel seems to be adapting well to having him around now.  The other day my Dad was holding Josiah and said to Joel, ‘can we keep him here?’ and Joel was very disgruntled that Grandad wanted to take our Joss away and told him firmly ‘no Grandad, Joss comes with us, he’s my brother’!!!  He likes having his little brother at home now.

It’s not hard entertaining a baby when all they want is cuddles, milk and sleep, but now Josiah is getting more awake time so we’re having nappy off time, lots of kicking, playmat time, tummy time and waving rattles in his face!!  he still prefers milk and cuddles though.


photo 2 (33) photo 3 (33) photo 1 (35)


Double bath time!  This is the first time we put Joss and Joel in the bath together but Joel was very good and didn’t splash him and even wanted to be the one to wash him.  Joss wasn’t terribly impressed and didn’t stay in for too long but Joel thought it was brilliant!  I think once Joss is a bit older they will have lots of fun together 🙂  The HV has said not to bath him too much, he seems to be prone to dry skin, like Joel was although not quite as bad as Joel’s excema.


photo 2 (27)photo 3 (27)

Joel suddenly seems to big and grown up now he’s not the baby anymore.  I carried him through from our bed one night to his own room and he was all long legs and body!!  And so heavy.  He is now mad on Thomas the tank engine.  We took him to Thomas Land on Saturday as they had half price entry to just Thomas Land at Drayton Manor, and we didn’t see the point in waiting to pay more when we wouldn’t get to go on any adult rides anyway!  I’ll do a Thomas Land post separately, but it was a great day and I was worried about us doing a day trip with Joss just being 5 weeks old but it was all ok!

photo 3 (31) photo 4 (25)  photo 5 (19)


This weekend Martha my niece turned two so yesterday we went over Nottingham to have a little party.  Joel was very excited as he is very aware about birthdays now, and on being told that he wouldn’t be getting any presents himself cheered up enough to wish Martha a happy birthday and to give her our presents.   She had this marble run which Joel really enjoyed so that would be good for his birthday too.   We have however already bought him the climbing frame and don’t really want to spend any more money, (and can’t really spend any more money).

Plans are in motion for Joel’s birthday, being the Easter weekend we are just having our families round on the Saturday for lunch and playing in the garden on the new climbing frame which should have been built by this point by Grandpa and Daddy all being well!!  He has asked for a Thomas cake so I’m enjoying looking on pinterest for ideas.  The idea is to do it all as cheap as possible so I’m going to make some bits to make it more ‘Thomassy’ without the extortionate price tag that Thomas seems to generate!  All we need is for a sunny day!  Fingers crossed!!


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