Chunk Monk

Well the health visitor has just left having weighed Josiah in at 12lbs 8oz today!

That’s another 1lb in two weeks so not too bad going.  He’s still on the 98th percentile but all seems fine and she was very happy with him.  He gets another check on the 3rd April then we have to go along for his 8 week jabs  and check at the surgery 😦

I guess the boobie milk is working for us again which I’m so glad about.  I think I’d be devastated if I had to give it up.

Of course the monkey was fussy and unsettled for the duration of her visit!  He’s normally so placid and quiet you forget he’s there, but today he cried, fussed, wee’d all over the mat and clothes (at least it was the changing mat) and it was because he’d just woken up from his nap when she arrived when he normally wants boobie straight away, but we quickly weighed him so he could feed whilst she wrote his book up, but that change of order was too much for him and upset him for the whole hour!!

And what does a baby do after the indignity of being stripped, weighed and dandied about for an hour?

Why, fall asleep again of course!!!

photo 3 (25) photo 2 (25) photo 1 (25)


One thought on “Chunk Monk

  1. I’ve just been catching up on all your posts and wanted to say what a handsome little one you’ve got there! And growing so well with the boobie milk 😉 Congrats again!


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