One Month Old Already!!!

I can’t believe one month has gone already.


photo 5 (10)

photo 2 (21)



photo 3 (21)photo 1 (17)


His swollen right eye…

photo 5 (8)photo 1 (16)

photo 2 (15)

Things are still going well and Josiah has continued to look chubby and cute, and is sleeping well at night with one to two feeds during the wee small hours depending on when his evening feeds are.  This past week its been two feeds so I’ve been a bit more sleepy than normal this week.  Plus Steve is at his networking breakfast meetings so I’ve been getting up early with Joel as well.  Yawn.

But this morning I walked Joel to nursery and he was a happy chappy running along and stopping to hold my hand when I told him to which is good progress as he has a tendency to run away thinking its really funny.  I had Josiah in a fluffy snow suit and used my Moby wrap to tie him to me and walked him round like that and he snuggled into me and fell asleep.

photo 2 (20)

Then on getting home I had breakfast and did some laundry waiting for him to want his next feed, and when he woke we went upstairs to do his nappy, then I got into bed and fed him laying down which is so comfy and then he drifted off to sleep and I drifted off to nap and the next thing I knew it was after midday!  So he had another feed, had another nappy change (bit of a poo plosion!!) and he lay on his mat kicking about whilst I got some lunch.  He got grumpy so I put him in his chair and then he was grumpy again so I offered him the breast he’d been feeding on before, but he seems to have this thing where he doesn’t want the fuller milk before sleeping, so I offered the other breast and he had a bit of a drink from the more watery milk and zonked off again!  So I transferred him to the pram where he fell asleep again.  Its a hard life being a baby.

We’re off to the doctors in half an hour as I noticed a couple of days ago that his right eye was looking a bit odd, like it was wonky or something.  Then yesterday evening I realised that he had a lump under the corner by his nose which was pushing his lower lid up.   So I’m getting it checked out in case its a blocked tear duct or something that needs treatment.  His second visit in his first month on this planet!!

I was also concerned yesterday as we’d had 24 hours of green poops.  I had forgotten how important poop is to a new born baby.  Anyway, whereas Joel would feed and feed for hours and had mustard yellow poops every time, at night Josiah seems to fath about a bit more and has greenish poops but with ok ones in the day which keeps things ok.  Then we had 24 hours of nasty green, extra runny, frothy and mucasy nappies.  I rang the health visitor for advice and we decided that it wasn’t terrible, I had eaten curry over the weekend which could have caused him issue.  On the Saturday he was a bit fussy on the breast and didn’t feed well so probably had too much foremilk and not enough hind milk.

Anyway, he’s all fine in the nappy department today so I’m not too worried about that.  I must go and get his bag packed and ready.


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