The Big Blue Rope

Josiah’s umbilical cord when born was massive.  It was long, fat and shiny looking.   As he was taken over for his tests and weigh-in a long length was trailing after him like a snake and Steve and I heard the Doctor’s commenting on how huge it was!!  I guess I never thought there was that much variation in umbilical cord size.

We had a visit from our health visitor last week on Thursday to do Josiah’s hearing test (which was fine in both ears yay!!) and I asked her to look at his tummy button.  His cord and plastic thing had fallen off a few days previously (I wished I noted which day it was but it was a lot later than Joel’s who was about day 4-5, and certainly a couple of days past a week for Joss) as it had left a chunk of gnarly looking black skin under it.

She commented that looking at it, she presumed he had a very large umbilical cord which had meant his cord hadn’t dropped off early, and was why he was such a big baby, as he’d been fed very well by my placenta!  Just from looking at a bit of black gnarly skin.  I was impressed!!  Anyway, she said to keep an eye on it, it would likely fall off in a few days but to be careful in case there was red jelly under it!  Gah!!!

Anyway, she was right again, a few days later I was changing Josiah and noticed this black thing had gone, so I had to go fishing inside his vest to find it, and his tummy button is looking a lot more normal now, but a bit bleedy in one bit which I’m bathing, but he’ll have it looked at on Thursday when the HV comes out again.  We’re actually seeing two at the moment as one is a student in training so they’re alternating weeks which I don’t mind at all as it means he gets extra care and attention at the moment.

He was also weighed again after his hearing test and had gone from 10lbs 2 to 10lbs 12oz!!  The HV called me a Jersey Cow as I must have gold top milk.  I guess that was meant as a compliment.  I wonder if it’s because he’s so big that he’s gone from feeding for 20-30 minutes to 10-15 on average.  It was worrying me that he wasn’t feeding enough, but as long as he’s putting weight on I guess he’s just better than he was at pulling the milk out.

Every night he seems to get a green nappy about 11pm but that’s because he has a couple of hours of cluster feeding, on off, and on again over a long period of time before sleeping so he’s not getting enough hind milk, but by morning they’re back to mustard yellow.  The midwife had noticed this as well but said as he was doing so well with his weight gains to keep doing whatever I was doing, so I am.  I am trying to keep him on the same breast for a good hour though to encourage him to get the fattier milk but I think once it becomes a bit of work for him he gets lazy and drifts off to sleep.

I seem to have more milk this time round as well.  I find myself leaking unexpectedly in places like Asda in the day!  And on the bedsheets when I wake up in a morning if he’s 20 minutes past a feed because he’s not yet woken up!  I keep squirting him in the face trying to latch him on and if he’s feeding from the left, getting a damp patch on the right.  I’m washing nighties a lot as the wretched breast pads are never in the right place on my sleep bras!!!  I can’t wait for this supply to settle down as I can’t yet sleep comfortably on my side, it hurts my breasts too much.  I’m still lying flat on my back but with a pillow under my thighs to bring my hips forward as they’re still achy and clicky if not in this position.  I wonder when I’ll feel back to normal?!

I am impressed with my mummy tummy though as it’s nearly gone.  I dont’ know how it’s happened at all.  Obviously there is a c-section overhang and some crepey looking stretch mark skin, and I’m certainly not concave with a six pack by any sense of the word but I’m sure after Joel I looked a lot bigger for a lot longer and it took joining Slimming world to lose some of the weight and tummy.  This time I can fit back in my old leggings and jeans (not pre-pregnancy size but still, jeans!!) and my coat does up so I’m not sure how it’s happened this time.  I must try not to eat too many chocolate buttons this time and sausage rolls.  After Joel I would walk to town a lot for exercise but get hungry and buy a sausage roll and that was not good for me.  Unfortunately, healthy fruit just doesn’t cut it at the moment as I do get hungry with the breast feeding at funny times. But I’m trying to be good and eat home cooked food with fresh vegetables and not have bad puddings, but a yoghurt or fruit instead.  It’s not quite slimming world standards just yet but it’s a good start.


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