Two Weeks Later…..

There’s so much going on and so much I should record here but I’m so tired today i will probably forget everything.

Josiah so far seems the perfect baby.  I can’t believe how well he’s doing.  At 5 days old he was weighed and had lost 7oz of birth weight making him 9lbs 6oz.   Nothing to worry about at all, he could have lost more and they’d have been happy with it.  At his 10 day appointment his discharge was dependent on gaining his birth weight so having stripped him down (when he did a huge wee all over himself and the hospital cot) he still made it to 10lbs 2oz!!  My Mum and I couldn’t believe it.  The worry with breast feeding is you don’t know how much they’re taking.  Sure, Joss has got a bit of a double chin so we were sure he wasn’t starving, but until the scales tell you he’s doing well, you don’t believe it fully.  He then proceeded to do another huge wee so the midwife was able to tick off weeing and pooping a lot!!  I’m sticking him his newborn grows for the last week as he’s completely filling them and he’s only worn them twice!!  It’s such a shame as they’re so lovely.  I bought one neutral set after 12 weeks and one blue set after 20 weeks and he’s washing and wearing them.  But does fit into 0-3 now too!  And is on size 2 nappies but probably would go into 3’s as well.

photo 3 (17a) photo 1 (21b)


0-3 outfit and two boys ready for bed…..

photo 5 (6) photo 2 (19)a photo 4 (10a) photo 3 (17)a


Funny baby faces and poses….

Joel never wee’d on me during nappy changes.  Everyone always said a bit of cold air makes a boy pee, but he never did.  However, Joss is certainly making up for it. He can wee and poop for England.  I’m almost worried he’s weeing and pooing too much.  At the moment our routine is something like sleep for 3 hours in the day, wake up and have a feed.  Fall asleep on the breast.  Be woken up for a nappy change (which is always a heavy wet and poopy one) then have a little more breast before wanting to be put down.  Upstairs he goes in his Moses basket and downstairs in his pram which is standing in the dining room.  He actually wants to be in there.  If I’m holding him he arches his back and wriggles about until I lay him down and he instantly settles, goes quiet and falls asleep.

photo 4 (11a)photo 1 (24)

Joel is adapting to his little brother.  When he’s not feeling ill he’s been lovely.  I keep finding little toys that Joel is trying to share with him left on him.   It does make me laugh.   Above we have Joss playing dinosaurs and trains.  Joel is always Thomas, so Joss gets to be James!!!  This could be the greatest introduction to having two children apart from the fact that last week Joel got poorly.  He has got a terrible cough which has plagued him (and us) since about last Wednesday.

After a sleepless night on Thursday where Joss woke 4 hourly for feeds and settled straight away I found myself awake during the times I should be asleep sitting with a very hot Joel, dosing calpol and inhalers, drinks and cuddles through the night.  Terrible timing really, but the poor little soul can’t help it.  I sent him to the Dcotors on friday with Steve who probably didn’t say the right things or ask the right questions and returned with more inhalers.  We have such a collection of inhalers and breathing spacers I could start my own shop.   I felt that we’d been a bit fobbed off.  It’s more than a cold.

Anyway, last night was terrible again.  Joel was sick twice from the mucus he’s suffering from and woke very hot and clammy.  Having dosed him on calpol again we got up and he lay on the sofa whilst Joss settled in his pram and I got him another doctors appointment.  I can’t help but worry that he’s not eaten properly since last Wednesday and anything he’s had since he’s been sick with so he’s very weak and floppy and I really hope they give him something for his cough, not just inhalers again.  The appointment is at noon, and as I have the Health Visitor coming out to visit my Dad has taken Joel to their house to flop on their sofa and will get him to the doctors.  I do feel awful as I should be looking after him, but his continual coughing is so tiring and I just want it to go away.  I feel I could cope better with happy, well Joel and easy Josiah but poorly Joel doesn’t seem fair this early on in getting sorted with two.   I know life can be unfair but I’m too tired today to think straight and feel like bursting into tears at the unfairness of it all.

What else?

Breastfeeding – this began well in hospital and has carried on well.  I think I have a slight latching issue with my right breast again (both Joel and Josiah prefer(red) the left) but I wonder whether it’s to do with the supply not settling yet.   Yesterday I woke to sort Josiah out and did a nappy change which was extremely poopy and I got it all over my sleep bra, then realised both breasts had been leaking and I had huge wet patches all over my front.   Steve came in and I looked a right wreck with black smudges under my eyes, everything leaky and hanging out and poop down my front.  Just lovely.  Other than that, I’m smothering my nipples in Lansinoh and I’ve not had the bleeding, cracked nipples I had last time, and I think they’re toughening up.  Certainly there is no pain with the left side at all now, but my right one can be a big hard rock by the time Josiah wakes to feed and I guess that doesn’t help him latch on at all.  But we’ll keep going.  I couldn’t imagine the fath of having to sterilise bottles and make up formula when I have free milk on tap so that alone makes it worth persevering.

Last Friday I came out in an itchy rash all over my arms which looked a bit like nettle stings and was very irritable.  I left it for the weekend but it spread down my back, on my chest, down my legs, lower back and buttocks.  I was told to take a Piriton tablet to ease the itching which was ok with breastfeeding but nothing seemed to help.  Steve got me a gel pack which we put in the freezer and that was a relief but I could have done with lots to tie onto my limbs.  At 4 in the morning I was in the shower to try and get some relief from the burning itchiness and having looked online, self diagnosed myself with PEP – Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy.  It’s usually something one gets in pregnancy due to hormones, but some women can get it post pregnancy, especially if you have an oversized baby boy!  Seems a random thing really but I guess its to do with hormones.  On Sunday I had a bit of it on my face as well which was a pain as we went up to church for the first time to introduce Josiah, but it was covered with a bit of make up and my Dad just commented it looked ‘bumpy, but not too red!!,’  Thanks Dad!!!  Anyway, off to the Dr’s I went on Monday and he took it quite seriously, prescribed me creams, lotions and some non-sedatory antihistamines to see whether that has an effect.  I think it’s helping.  I wasn’t quite so itchy yesterday.  My arms are covered in scratches and spots where I’ve broken the skin through tearing it off.  I guess something had to happen to make me feel everything wasn’t quite so perfect!!!!

Josiah does seem to be doing really well though.  He feeds about every 2.30 – 3.00 hours in the day, has a couple of hours in the afternoon of awake time (two separate hours that is) where he will be content to be held and look about, be carried round the house and shown things, sit in a bouncer and watch Joel play or yesterday we tried lying him on his play mat and he seemed happy enough there too for a bit!!  I made it out to a little park with both of them after lunch.  I had thought about getting to toddler group but with the leaky boob, poopy top situation there was no way I’d be ready on time and the walk is still a bit much for me.  I felt very achy just going to the local park and back.  Maybe next week.   Its the nights that Joss is brilliant.  With Joel i’d be feeding and up for hours at a time and getting him to settle was a bit of a feat.  Josiah is feeding 4 hourly already and settles very well in his basket in between and if Joel were not coughing and poorly, I’d be bright as a button.  But my sleep time is very compromised by attending to him, and it’s been hard this week.

Anyway, I must use my Joss sleep time to it’s fullest and that includes answering natures calls before he wakes for the next feed, so adios for now blog!!  I need to put clothes on and get up to look presentable for the Health Visitor.  I’ve tidied the lounge a bit, and washed up the kitchen stuff, I have  a load of laundry to get dry and more to wash since Joel’s been sick three times now.  Lovely!!!


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