Steve’s Birth Pictures….

I may grumble about Steve’s cameras and need for technology sometimes, but when he gives me photos like these I forgive him!!



Catching some sunshine as he was a little jaundiced….

1619391_10152066808767928_2038343521_n 1912033_10152066808412928_1354962453_n 1506039_10152066808192928_1679693301_n 1486667_10152066808162928_2121982063_n 1920271_10152066807902928_795982698_n

1904169_10152066807482928_1311042004_n 1911612_10152066807492928_983840808_n 1620793_10152066807487928_1321153513_n

photo (11) photo 4 (10)


1960833_627092227326657_2141979490_o 1796633_627092223993324_2145870710_n


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