Sad News Today

Twelve months ago my great aunty (who’s been more like a grandparent since all my grandparents passed away over 10 years ago) was diagnosed with leukemia. She was 91 years old and given three months to live. She made it to 92 and saw 3 more babies born in that year (she has 33 great greats so far and my baby will be 34!!)


This is us at my wedding.  I’d changed into a going away dress as we headed off immediately on our honeymoon to Mexico, and rather than throw my bouquet, I gave it Aunty Joan as a gift.   She’s also wearing a necklace which I’d used to decorate the centrepieces on the tables!!


She was such a strong and feisty lady!! She’d been having treatment and kept fit and well, stayed in her own home and told us she was going to stay for at least a year to prove the doctors wrong.  She almost made it to the 12th Feb which is the exact date of her diagnosis.

5 weeks ago she started deteriorating and had to go into a hospice for 3 weeks and then 2 weeks ago went to a nursing home as she was getting weaker.

This little baby was due last week on Tuesday and I’d really hoped he’d be here so she could know about him but we had the call this morning to say she’d passed away at 5.30am.

A few days more and she could have known he was here so I’m devastated she won’t know his name as we wanted to meet him first to decide his first name. He will have her dad’s name James as a middle name (my great grandfather) and my Granddad’s middle name Denham (her brother) so there will be a family link but my Dad has said no one will expect me to be at the funeral as it’ll be next week or the week after but I’ll still be healing from the operation.

I don’t think I could miss it, and despite probably being too emotional and hormonal with wound scars and a newborn am I trying to get out and about too soon?

It has been expected for a long time but she was such a feisty lady I really didn’t expect this today at all and am feeling so sad.  If this baby had been a girl she would have had Joan as a middle name and we’d told Aunty Joan this as well a few months ago which pleased her greatly.

She’s at peace now and in a far better place.  And I think she’ll get to know when we have news.


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