40 Weeks – Argh!!!!

How far along:  40 weeks today.

Total Weight Gained:  Just call me heavy!!

Maternity Clothes:   Yep.   I actually went through my wardrobe on a rampage of tidying and sorted out a load of maternity stuff to sell on Ebay and cleared out things I’ve not worn this time round for charity and have got looser non maternity clothes all lined up for after baby is born.  Last time I got very despondent about losing the baby weight and got rid of far too much, thinking I’d never fit them again, and then once I got back in my size 12 jeans regretted it.  It’s hard really with all the clothes storage needed!  I have work clothes that I’ve had to put away.  A winter wardrobe and a summer wardrobe of normal clothes.  And throw a maternity wardrobe to cover 9 months into the mix, that’s a lot of clothes to keep order of.  Plus, my sister is an extreme shopper of clothes and china, and she has passed on a huge bag of lovely tops which I will be able to try on soon I hope!  Lots of designer and Oasis stuff which will be nice for the spring.  They are a 16 which is bigger than I’d like, but that could work for me to start with, lets be honest here!!

Stretch Marks:   Lots of them.  Only on the tummy this time, my hips and boobs seem to have avoided them.

Sleep:    I am not able to sleep well at all at the moment.  Last night I woke pretty much every hour.  My hips are really hurting.  And I don’t mean aching, I mean seriously hurting.  If hurting hips were a labour sign, then I’d be in labour.  But it’s not, and I’m not!!!  I’m having to take paracetamol regularly again at the moment and rest.  Maybe I did too much tidying yesterday.  Worth it though as our bedroom is lovely for a short while!!  Apart from down by Steve’s side of the bed and the heap of clothes that apparently is ‘his system’.  Humpf.

Best Moment of the Week:   Feeling ready for baby to arrive I think.  I have had a real nesting urge this week and have been cleaning and tidying obsessively.  I just can’t leave anything.  And Steve, considering he goes on about being tidy and having a home for everything is not as pleased as he should be, because he is expected to keep things clean and tidy too, and he is actually dragging his heels a bit here!!  I made him clean the bath after he turned the water a strange shade of brown the other night.  Why is it only men who seem to leave that nasty grim rim of dirt around a bath?  Are they just generally dirtier than us ladies?   I left him cleaning sponges and bath spray which he did use.  I just wish he would clean the sink after shaving.  It’s always full of his stubble and hair 😦    I’ve just gone in the shed and decided to build the changing table which we had downstairs as a nappy base for when Joel was born.  I’ve scrubbed it all over with a mild bleach solution to make sure it’s all ok, and needed a little rest so am online for half an hour!  I will tackle the building of it shortly.   I got some pretty baskets to put on it to keep all the bits in place so that is helping my need to feel organised as well!

Movement:  I’m still getting movements and kicks but certainly not as much as last week.  I have my appointment tomorrow with the consultant, and I am having enough to reassure me things are ok in there.  My movement is slow like a hippo now.  I’m so achy just the short walk to my parents causes pain.  I must look a right sight wincing as I waddle along!!

Food Cravings:   Apples this week.  I bought some lovely British grown Braeburns and they’re perfect.  Huge, crispy and juicy.   I may take a couple into hospital with me.  If I ever feel off food, some slices of apple really seem to help me feel like eating again.   Plus the lovely sweet and salty popcorn is still on the go.  I have a bag in the pantry and will have to open that this afternoon I think.

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  Completely flat out.  Steve is fascinated with it.  I hate it being touched anyway under normal circumstances, it feels weird to me, and whenever he goes to hold the bump or pat it, whether deliberately or not, he ends up prodding there and getting me cross.

What I miss:  So much.   I can say for certain I’m not missing work at all!  Steve hates that I’m sat at home with nothing to do.   Ha!  Nothing to do.  He really does not get that resting is a thing!  I’ve given up on learning to crochet.  I need my Aunt to show me how to make a granny square.  I think some one to one training would be easier than trying to work out what a book says about wool going above, below and back round!!  So my new hobby will be jigsaws this week to entertain me.  Steve approves of that, so I may sit down with a puzzle this afternoon.

What I’m looking forward to:  I am looking forward to meeting this baby, but I am also aware that it will change everything and the longer he is inside then life carries on as normal (well, as normal as 9 months pregnant allows of course) and the thought of a new baby unsettling everything is a bit scary now.  I know we’ll adapt but I do worry how Joel will cope and respond.  Will sleep deprivation make me a crazy woman?  Will Steve be of any use of a morning?  to be fair, he’s been getting up with Joel at 7am the past couple of mornings so I can sleep in after bad nights, but all he does is lie on the sofa and put the TV on for Joel.  He doesn’t get him dressed, let the dog out and get ready to take him to nursery or my parents!!  I’m grateful for the extra sleep and Joel is being good about waking Daddy rather than Mummy (hee hee!!) but he has got to actually sort things as well!  This morning I got up after 8, sorted Joel, took him to Mum and Dads with the dog and got back home to find he’d gone back to bed at 9am!!!  And I’d made the bed too.   I don’t think that’s normal?!

Milestones:  40 weeks!!  Due date.  Baby is cooked.  I’m really hoping there isn’t a 41 week post.  I get to have my stretch and sweep tomorrow.  I’m aware they will push me to go naturally and of course I think I want that.  But how long will I have to wait?  Will my body actually work this time?  Will baby start to make his own way out?  I really don’t want to be induced again.  I don’t want an emergency c-section.  I just wish I knew when things would start!!

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