39 Weeks

How far along:  39 weeks today.

Total Weight Gained: I’ve not stood on scales again this week.  I’m past the point of caring!!!  And eating too many doughnuts for the news to be good!

Maternity Clothes:   are just getting too small!  I keep finding that my tummy is hanging out of the bottom of jumpers and they aren’t quite covering me properly!!!  And the most annoying thing is that I have to wash everything after wearing it once as when I’m eating I just can’t seem to not spill food down my front!  I’m worse than Joel.   If I had any sense I’d tie a tea towel around my neck but with not being able to sit as close to the table, or bend at all, there’s more spillage time getting food from my plate to my mouth!!!

Stretch Marks:  Still a giant shiny planet of a tummy.  I feel as though the stomach has dropped now though.  There’s more gap between boobs and bump this week although I am getting lots of high rib kicks still so maybe baby is long and stretching out.

Sleep:    Still not great.   By 4-5am I’m just so achey I struggle to sleep.  My ribs and pelvis are painful.  Daytime naps are helping me through.  I shall have a quiet day tomorrow!!

Best Moment of the Week:   I am feeling very sad for saying this but on getting all Joel’s old baby toys out which had been at my sisters they all smelt really fusty as she’d left them in a bag under the stairs and they’d got really dusty.   I stuffed them all in a pillow case and ran them through the washing machine hoping that any jingly bells and rattley things would still jingle and rattle on the other side and they’ve all come out beautifully!!  They’re just all lined up on the clothes airers drying at the moment and have kept their colour and all smell lovely and fresh.   So that has pleased me a lot!!  I know they wouldn’t cost a lot to replace and babies don’t need a lot of toys anyway, but I’d have been a bit gutted had they had to all go.

Movement:  I was a bit worried over the weekend when I didn’t feel as though I was getting normal levels of movement.  I was on the verge of ringing delivery to ask to be checked but did get some little movements which reassured me.  On Friday I had a bath and felt as though baby had changed sides to the right side so put the difference down to that.  And today I have been positively pulverised again with lots of pressure, stretching and tightenings so things are as normal again for this baby.  I’m sure Joel wasn’t this wriggly!!  And I’m booked in to the midwife again tomorrow.  After not going on Weds for a 38 week appointment I was stressing I should have gone to be on the safe side so am having a 39 week appointment instead!!  I guess I won’t see her next week anyway as if baby isn’t here we will be at the consultants office instead.

Food Cravings:   ARgh, I’ve eaten way too many doughnuts this week.  My mum kept buying them.  And popcorn!  I mean that’s almost healthy isn’t it?  I got a big bag of sweet and salty and scoffed it in one sitting when Steve went out on Saturday as I didn’t want to have to share it!  He’s terrible as he goes on about how he hate popcorn, but whenever I have it, he wants to try it, then decides he was right all along and doesn’t like it.  So I resent him that one piece as it could have gone to me who appreciates it!!

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  What belly button?!  It’s like its on the dark side of the moon at the moment.

What I miss:  Sleep.  Not aching.   Being able to bend.   I had to get Steve to moisturise my legs and feet the other night.  He hates touching creams so looked at my legs as though they were made of rotten fish or something.  He didn’t even use two hands to do a nice massage, just poked me gingerly with one hand whilst grimacing.  Tch.

What I’m looking forward to:  Erm, I don’t think I can actually say I’m looking forward to labour.  I’ve been ignoring it but with one week to go, the realisation that it’s looming is suddenly keeping me awake at night.  Watching One Born Every Minute doesn’t help.   I don’t want to embarrass myself and be the wailing woman who loses control but I don’t know how I’ll be at all, since my last experience was pretty awful anyway!!  I don’t think I wailed.  I think I just zoned out and concentrated on the gas and air to make the time pass for 6 hours.  But yes, getting the baby out is the main priority now.  Finally meeting the little boxer who has been pulverising me from the inside for so long.

Milestones:  One week to go is a bit of a milestone.  The fact that my next blog post could be a birth announcement is rather exciting.  I’m pretty much ready.  The house is ready (except the one room I wanted to get done and hasn’t is our bedroom so that’s a shame) but the nursery is all done and everything is clean and washed and I’ve enjoyed sorting it all out.  The pram and car seat are ready and waiting.  Even Steve is saying he’s getting excited!  I guess he’s that bit older now and all his networking folk keep emailing him asking how things are.  Last time he seemed to stay in denial until the emergency c-section!  I’ve told him no games or laptops in the hospital this time.  He has to focus on helping me and do whatever I say.   And I will have his phone confiscated if needs be.  I can imagine tweeting out to his groups and I do not want that at all.   I don’t even want to announce if I’m going into hospital as it could always be a false alarm.  I just want to announce when baby is here, what his name is and a few details.   I think that’s much nicer.   I just wish we knew what his name was.   We’ve got a short list again, but are deliberating.   My Great Aunty Joan is currently in a respite home with leukaemia and getting weaker every day.   She’d love to know his name before she passes away but she’s holding on till the 12th February apparently (as that is when she was diagnosed with having 3 months to live and she wants to make it a full 12 months as that’s the way she is!!!) and James was her father’s (and my Grandad’s) name so I think that will be a middle name and will please her.  The other names are posing a problem as Steve doesn’t like my thoughts and although I don’t dislike his, he only seems to like names starting with ‘J’ which I wonder will be too similar to Joel.  And with James as a middle name that will be a ‘JJ’ which isn’t terrible, it just seems like we only like one letter of the alphabet!!  Had this one been a girl she’d have had Joan as a middle name, and indeed if we ever do have a girl, Joan will be a name for her.  And it’s another ‘J’ name!  We’re so stuck on ‘J’!!

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