Bathroom Completion!!

I think its now safe to say that our bathroom has been done!  We have a working shower, bath, sink and toilet, and how I have missed these things!!  Steve is in the bath now as he apparently has been converted from showers.   I don’t think that’s a good thing as he spends at least an hour with his lap top all set up on a pile of stools and boxes and lies in the bath to watch a film.   It means the bathroom is closed off for ages.   He used to spend a long time in the shower anyway, but his bath time is ridiculous.

Anyway, here’s the before just as a reminder:

photo 2 (9) photo 3 (9)


And the shiny new:

photo 4 (6) photo 3 (14)


It looks so much brighter and fresher in there and I love the look of the shower with it’s big rain head and hand held bit too.  The mosaic border just breaks up the white tiles but keeps it simple, and I think it’s classic but contemporary which is in keeping with the age and style of the house.

Considering how begrudging Steve was, and how little he actually contributed in any decisions or help on organising (other than providing some money for it) he has agreed that it’s been a job well done and it needed doing.  He does this every time.   Fights and grumbles and makes a massive deal out of something then is happy once its done and acknowledges that it’s good.  I wish he could just accept from the outset that it’ll be good and worthwhile and not argue about it so much.  He even seems happy with the amount of money we’ve spent on it.  Maybe he’s done what I suggested and talked to his colleagues about their bathroom costs to see that we’ve actually had a very good deal.

My next mission is to get him to agree that the garden needs making over in time for the summer.  This one is a bit harder as Steve cares nothing for gardens.  He’s said he doesn’t want to put any money into it, as he does not see it as a worthwhile investment.  He said he would never mow the lawn or tend to anything and is being very resistant to my very simple plans to make it Joel safe and friendly.   He feels that his garden growing up was an unkempt mudpit and it did him no harm.   His mum doesn’t agree, and isn’t sure why he feels that way but I’m not happy with how things are now.  It’s a big mess and we cleared it in order to progress so progress we shall.  I just need to keep working on him when he’s in a good mood.

But at least the bathroom is done and I can invite people over and not be embarrassed at the state of it now.  The builders are back tomorrow to fit the door and tighten some bits on the towel rail.  I need to buy a new bath mat to match as Steve tipped the old one which matched all my towels (maybe a few new towels are required to match the new bath mat too) and then it will be done.



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