Wee Small Hours…… Again…..

So here I am.

Again.  Just before 6am.

I’ve been awake since 4am but just lying in bed feeling as though baby is about to break out through my ribs.

Having got to 5am and no sign of sleep on the horizon at all I decided that I’d be better off using my time cleaning the kitchen so have done the washing up and cleaned the sides down.   There is also a basket of clean laundry eying me up which I could take upstairs and sort through, a few baby things that need hanging in the wardrobe.  But I don’t want to disturb Joel and Steve by pottering too much up there.   I do enjoy hanging baby things up though!!

The builders will be here in a couple of hours and I’ll head to my Mums for a nap I think.  I won’t make it through the day having got up this early.  I did have a little doze on the sofa yesterday whilst Steve and Joel were watching Planes on the TV.  I didn’t mean to.  I normally struggle to switch off from background noise like that but may have had 20 minutes!!!  Ooh, maybe we could make up the pram and change it back from buggy mode.   That would be useful!! And fun!  I’ve missed the pram!!

We had a nice morning with Joel loving the party.   It’s a relatively new place not too far away with a giant wooden climbing frame inside a warehouse.   I had thought it would be quiet being a Sunday morning but how wrong I was.  We couldn’t even park outside so Steve dropped Joel and I off by the doors and had to go further afield.  All Joel’s little nursery friends were there and he went straight off with Trudy to the 0-5 section which he could manage on his own.   But the older kids were in the bigger section and that had rope bridges and climbing nets and he needed Daddy to help him over those bits so I sat with Liz and we had drinks and laughed to see Steve staggering about carrying Joel and Trudy under one arm each to get them over the ropes!  It was a very pleasant way to spend the morning!  And we would certainly go again.  Joel had a good hour and half to run around and play before the lunch and he promptly burst into tears when called away to eat.   We went up to a little room where they’d laid out party food, chicken nuggets and chips, crisps, sandwiches, salad platter, pizza and sausage rolls.   Joel was a bit too tired to eat much at all and nibbled only cucumber and crisps.   He even struggled with his little pot of jelly for pudding.



After lunch there was another 15 minutes left of party time so back they went to play some more.   And quite promptly once the two hours was up, an announcement was made over the tannoy that we had to vacate, so cue lots of upset and hyperactive toddlers who were only pacified by receiving a goody bag!!

Steve took Joel to the car whilst I said goodbyes, and by the time I got to the car Joel had already got into the goodybag to retrieve a chunk of chocolate cake which was smeared all over his face and hands.  I had thought he’d crash out in the car on the drive home but the extra sugar boost seemed to keep him going all afternoon as well!

Then we watched a film together, Joel went to do bouncing outside and we had an Indian for dinner at Steve’s request.   I think I will have to avoid Indian takeaways for the near future.  They just don’t agree with me at the moment!  I had a bhuna with boiled rice, so nothing too heavy but I think that’s to do with my stomach feeling a bit off during the night, never mind the poor baby being extra squished.

So this week I should hopefully get the house back to myself by Wednesday and Steve is rather busy with work and has asked that I keep the baby in until after Friday when he has a new client to film an awards ceremony for which he is already stressed about and having to rearrange cover if I go into labour will be very inconvenient for him.   Hmm.   What are the chances baby has heard that and will come on Friday.  I know I would if I were baby!!  Ha ha!!


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