Still Cooking….

I really don’t do well at this patience lark.

Every niggle, every twinge, I can’t help but wonder ‘is this it?’

I don’t feel relaxed or rested yet!  The bathroom is still underway with the builders due back on Monday.  They’re hoping to be done by Wednesday which would mean they’d been here for 10 days, although with two weekends in between where we’ve still been without a bath or shower facilities!  Thank goodness my parents live so close and we’ve been popping round for showers and baths in between!  I don’t what we’d have done if they weren’t around.  We’d have had to sneak into the local gym or something?!

There is a lot of progress though.  The tiles are on, albeit not grouted yet.  The sink and toilet are in.  The flooring is down.  The taps are fitted.  All that remains is the shower, the lights, the extractor fan, the heated towel rail and all that plumbing is set up and ready to go.   Oh, and the payment of course!!  Even Steve is coming round to the idea of progress now.  I think because he’s met the builders and they’re nice guys he’s talking about getting them to quote and give ideas for our kitchen extension.  I can’t even think about that this year.  It’ll cost a lot and be such an inconvenience whilst being done I don’t think we should do it for a couple of years to be honest and focus on the garden and hall stairs and landing.  But we’ll see.

I’ve been struggling to sleep again.   Last night I woke at 1.30 feeling really strange.  I couldn’t work out if I was going to be sick or what, and lay there for a short while just wondering if it was going to be a big body clear out.  It wasn’t.  And I went back to sleep an hour later.   And now I’m awake at 5am again, and as I lay there thinking about a bowl of Kellogg’s Frosties I just felt hungry so have come down to eat, and wrap a present!

Joel has a birthday party today.  It’s a boy from his nursery who is going to be 4.   He likes pirates and Star Wars.   Star Wars stuff is really expensive it turns out, so I’ve bought him a pirate card game with good reviews on Amazon!!  I had bought a pirate book, but decided it’s a bit young for a four year old and he’s likely already got it if that’s the case.  I did forget the wrapping paper though and part of my weird dreaming stage has involved stressing about how to wrap this present up today so I must find the sellotape soon and see whether the scrap of boyish non-Christmas paper I’ve located will do!

Dreams are so strange at the moment.  With worrying about wrapping this gift I was dreaming that we had to stop to buy paper on the way and as I was trying to wrap in the car on the way the gift was getting smaller and smaller and I was frantically bulking it out with extra paper and it ended up being the size of a stamp and would get lost easily!

The other night I dreamt that the neighbours let themselves into our house with brooms to sweep the frogs away, and I was confused as we don’t have frogs, but then we did and they were all in the conservatory, big greeny brown ones, and when I went into the garden I was stepping on them, so we got brushes to sweep them away and went to our local Premiership football stadium and were in the tunnel trying to crochet but frogs were there too.  I have no idea why I was thinking about any of that other than the crochet as I’ve been trying to learn and failing miserably!!

So here I am.   No other signs that any baby arrival is imminent.  I’ve been having a few more tummy tightenings but no ‘show’ as yet.  My stomach is giant and the skin has gone all shiny from the stretched stretch marks.   I’m aching all the time, and trying to nest as best I can.   I have not had any inclination to clean kitchen cupboards or anything like that but I am stressing about getting the nursery and upstairs tidy and clean which I can’t do at the moment with afore mentioned builders.   I’ve washed every bit of baby linen and clothing I can get my hands on, rearranged the baby wardrobe and chest of drawers to put all Joel’s stuff in the drawers now and all baby’s stuff in the wardrobe.  And I think I want some shelves putting up too.   All to help with storage and places to put things.   I don’t think I have enough places to put things yet, and I want to be organised and be able to put my hands on something when needed without too much bother.

Which is why I’m cross i can’t find the sellotape right now!  Unless Steve left it in his garage after his Christmas wrapping?  Worth a check I think.


2 thoughts on “Still Cooking….

  1. Is there anything you need? Got some grobags, baby towels, wrap sling, a nearly new highchair, a babasling, a gro egg, 3-6 month clothes, blue and white nursery curtains and nappy holder, a cot top changer. All about to go on ebay but free to you if u want anything.


    • That’s very kind, but I have a huge stash of gro bags from my sister, and everything else in stock and ready to go! I guess that’s the joy of having a second boy!! Thank you for the offer though 🙂


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