Bump Pic 36 weeks + 4 Days

I’ve been hanging out at my Mums most days this week with our bathroom being out of service and ta da, she has numerous full length mirrors!

photo 2 (12) photo 1 (13)


Here’s the bump being held up with my support belt!!  I feel massively huge at the moment and it really has helped me.  I would recommend it, especially as it was a cheap one for £12 off ebay!!

I had to take Steve to the doctors yesterday as he’s still not been well, and we got into see my favourite Dr.  He said that it sounded as though Steve has had the flu and therefore couldn’t have anything for it other than rest and paracetamol.  So as he won’t rest goodness knows when he’ll be fit again.  He asked me to go in with him, and I was glad to as Steve didn’t really know what to say his symptoms were and wouldn’t have relayed what the Dr said properly to me either.

The Dr asked after me as well and said he couldn’t see me going four weeks till having the baby.  He reckoned within two weeks!!  I hope so!  I’m really struggling with getting about, heaviness on my bladder, the discomfort that brings and general tiredness!  This weekend I shall make sure Steve stays in bed.  The builders aren’t in until Monday now so we can have a quiet weekend although my nephews are visiting tomorrow so Joel will go to have a play with them in the afternoon.

I got a lovely nap today as Mum and Dad took Joel out shopping to Lidl (!) and then sorted his lunch whilst I was in the land of nod in their spare room!  I feel tired again now though and ready for bed again!!  Once Joel goes up I may well get in my pj’s as well for an early night.


One thought on “Bump Pic 36 weeks + 4 Days

  1. Lidl is ace. I did a £25 shop in there yesterday (chicken, minced beef, veg, fruit, cheese strings, pull up pants (theirs are the best – not one single overnight leak yet), biscuits, cat litter, cat biscuits). You need it in your life.


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