And the Consultant Said….

I think I must have been anxious about yesterdays appointments because having been, and having got the bathroom actually underway I slept so much better last night.

My Mum came with me to the scan as Steve was busy with a network meeting (priorities are different you see) and all was fine.  We couldn’t really see a lot as baby was so big and I got a couple of picture that look like nothing but you could see the heart beat and baby sucking his thumb!!

She measured his head and tummy and said he was a chubby baby and how she could tell that he was 7lbs 6oz I don’t know.  That seems ready to come out to me!!  Another four weeks of cooking means he may well hit the 9lbs mark!!  But modern technology is probably better than I’m giving it credit for and this bump does feel bigger than when I was having Joel.

Then it was onto the consultant appointment.  Knowing all was well with baby head down was encouraging, but I still was worried about being sent for induction if I went overdue.  Steve was meant to meet me at 2pm but didn’t leave his meeting until 2 so was late and missed the appointment.  I was upset as it was important to me, but in the end the appointment wasn’t too bad and I was ok on my own (my mum had gone to visit my great aunt who is in a respite home for a couple of weeks after having had a fall.  She has leukaemia and is slowly fading so I couldn’t keep my mum from that).

Pretty much the consultant was remarkably accommodating.  She has booked me in for a meeting if I go to 40+1 (one day overdue) and we can discuss options then.  She said she would test the cervix and if unfavourable we’d discuss c-section and induction.  Well, I’m not having any inducing this time.  No siree.  She also said sometimes ladies can be 2-3cm dilated by that point on a second baby and not know it.  I wish I could have faith in my body that it may do that this time but with everything not working and being consistently unfavourable last time I don’t know how things will be different.

My mother in law has a date in mind that she is praying for.   She wouldn’t tell me when but it’s earlier than my due date.  We’re getting snow and ice from the 19th January so lets have bets on me having to go to hospital in a snow storm and then being housebound by ice for the next month!!  Glad I have a little supply of snow suits and warm clothes for the little fellow!

So all in all the scan and appointment were both good, with good outcomes and I am back to waiting to see when this baby deigns to make an appearance.   My next midwife visit will be next week and she’ll come to the house to go over my birth plan.  I wonder if baby will be here by then or not?!  He certainly feels as though he is ready to pop out any day judging by his constant attempts to escape through my tummy button.


One thought on “And the Consultant Said….

  1. When I went for my consultant appt I was still 100% closed and got booked in for section, but I went into natural labour when I was a week overdue (whereas J was 15 days over and I was induced and never went into labour) so it can happen. Whatever happens they’ll look after you well and you’ll have your beautiful new boy really soon (eek exciting!)


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