36 Weeks

How far along:  36 weeks today.

Total Weight Gained:  I do hate to think.  I’ve already mentioned I had to go up a knicker size!!

Maternity Clothes:   And not a lot else!

Stretch Marks:  Still just the new top of tummy ones.  Although saying that they could be everywhere else but hiding behind my new layers of fat and the bump and I wouldn’t see as I don’t really parade around naked in front of big mirrors!!

Sleep:   I love sleep at the moment.  I’m still feeling a little bleary from having a lunchtime nap on the sofa!  I was having strange dreams about taps and showers as we’re getting the bathroom done this week and I’ve spent a morning trying to find good deals on thermostatic mixer showers.   There are so many it’s unreal and I’ve got very confused with it all.   Probably what sent me off to sleep!

Best Moment of the Week:   I am very glad to not be at work.  The weather this week has been crazy.   It’s all from a storm coming over from the US and battering the UK on the west side.   And although we’re in the middle we are still getting some awfully heavy rain and gales.  It’s quite depressing with grey skies.  I think we had an hour of dry sunshine yesterday so I got Joel out bouncing on his trampoline before we had to come in again.  And my other best moment isn’t really baby related but it’s getting the bathroom started.   I just couldn’t have faced the work taking place any longer than this, and it means one more room is getting done before baby comes.

Movement:  It’s getting really uncomfortable now.  I would have thought that had Joel been this wriggly I’d be remembering it?!  I really have no recollection of him pushing at my hip joints whilst grappling at my ribs all at the same time.  My down there bits feel bloated and podgy and sometimes I feel as though he’s in there.  Or stamping on my bottom.  Apologies for the graphic details but I’m obviously not someone who thinks this is a pleasant feeling.   Maybe Ridley Scott has something to do with that and before his films all women loved being pummelled to death from the inside.  I don’t know.

Food Cravings:   Last night I hadn’t eaten anything for dinner.  I just drank milk as I felt a bit refluxy but by 8pm Steve was watching Man Vs Food and going on about milkshakes.  Suddenly I really felt that I could have a McDonalds chocolate milkshake and fries.  Steve does not take a lot of persuading to go for junk food and returned with two big mac meals and milkshakes.   He was horrified to watch me take the lid off and dip the chips into the chocolate goo.  And it was delicious.  To be fair, I’ve always enjoyed chips and chocolate milkshake in the past, but don’t often go for the milkshake as it’s too filling but last night it was delicious and I’ve not had a McDonalds for what feels a very long time.  Had he known what I wanted to do, I doubt he’d have gone for me!!!

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  All flat and inside out!

What I miss:  Breathing normally is a thing that I’d welcome back!  I’m so full of baby that everything is compressed and such an effort now.  When my sister had her twins I remember her saying the minute they were lifted out she could breath again.   I don’t remember that feeling with Joel, all that sort of thing goes away in the couple of weeks so write it all down to remember in the future, but again, I know what she means.  I miss being able to sit close to a dinner table and eat a meal without spilling it all down my front!  I miss being able to see something on the floor and pick it up easily, or nudge it right to left with my foot.  I cannot do that at the moment at all without a sharp pelvic pain making me catch my breath.

What I’m looking forward to:  Seeing baby again tomorrow and then having a meeting with the consultant.  It’ll mean an afternoon up at the hospital but it’s a change of scene!

Milestones:  One more week to go until I’m considered full term.  And I sit and wait, and wait and wait.  And worry about every movement, pain, feeling etc….  I’ve been calmer this time I think.  I had at least two visits to the hospital with Joel just to check things over and haven’t felt I needed to this time.

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