Bigger Pants

Sitting in the car yesterday I felt as though I was losing my blood supply around my middle.

I realised that my knickers were killing me!!  They didn’t seem to have any give in them.  Sorry for too much information, but with Joel I suffered with thrush a lot and this time have been very careful with only using cotton and not too much bubble bath etc and it’s worked as I’ve not had any at all this time.  But it meant my pants are pretty rigid and don’t have any lycra in!!

I managed to rip the elastic at the top to help me sit comfortably and have had to go and buy bigger ones.   i just wanted to rip all my clothes off to be honest!!  And this bigger size?! Man, are they comfy!!  They are cotton with a bit of lycra and lace.  I don’t like having to go up a size but I guess it had to happen.   Hips and bottom is where the extra fat goes to store up for breastfeeding so I shall keep telling myself that.

I feel as though I am pregnant in my bum as well as my middle now.



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