Officially One Month

Today is the 4th January.   That means that my due date is officially one month away!!

I guess I’m ready as I can be now.   I have got my new changing bag which arrived today so I can’t wait to pack it up and get that sorted with newborn nappies!!    I got it with the vouchers from my work colleagues.  And that was the last thing on my list which although admittedly I didn’t need, I still wanted as a treat!!



This is it and I had a similar red one with Joel which has got a bit battered over nearly three years, so I thought an update wouldn’t hurt.  I loved the pod system and am not a girly bag sort of girl, and prefer the practical features of this one.

I sort of feel as though I ought to be nesting and such now but to be honest, I’m that achey and tired I am not really bothered!!  This week we should be getting the bathroom sorted so I’ll be around to oversee that but I’m worried in that I’ve not had a start time confirmed!  The last communication I had with the builder was the 19th December saying they’d start on the 6th Jan and I’ve got back to them twice since and had no response.   They’d better show up!!  I’ve managed to arrange delivery of the bathroom suite for Monday as well, the tiles are in the garage and everything is ready to go!

They are rerouting some pipes which means pulling the carpet in the nursery and floorboards so I hope it all goes back to normal soon!  I need that room to be perfect.

I feel that I’m going to living on tenterhooks for the next few weeks.  Having not gone to any ante-natal classes this time I’m now stressing that I’ve forgotten everything I learnt at our classes three years ago.  Plus, with not actually getting to use any of the information on what to do when going into labour and labour signs, I feel a bit unprepared and not sure what to expect.

The baby bag to take to hospital is ready with three little outfits in, some cotton wool and nappies.  I want to breast feed again, so will not be taking milk.  I’ve not bought as many nappies as I did last time as I had way to many size 1’s so have just got three little packs and will see where we go from there.

My hospital bag is ready too, with a small wash bag, giant knickers, maternity pads, some baggy clothes (although whether I’ll fit in them or not I’m not sure, I didn’t last time and went home in the clothes I’d arrived in!!) nursing bras, lansinoh nipple cream, button down nighties and a dressing gown, pair of slippers.

I also want to pack a spare bag just in case as last time Steve brought me spare clothes that I couldn’t wear!!  Way too small post birth!!

I need to change the travel system from buggy to pram again, and my Dad has cleaned up the car seat as we lent it to my sister and it came back in need of a good wash.  I had told my mum I’d buy a new one if there was any risk of mildew, but she insists it’s spotless and as good as new now.  Hmm.  I’ll be the judge I think!!  As tidy and clean as my sister is with her house, she’s not someone who thinks about looking after things I’ve discovered!!

I haven’t bought a buggy board yet.  I’m not sure if we’ll need one or not.   If I’m walking to nursery with Joel and baby, Joel is ok to walk with reins on, it’s not too far and if I’m with someone we could take two buggies.  I guess thats something to consider if we feel we need it once baby is here.

I need to not think too much about it now and relax I guess.  Things could happen any day now.  I hate waiting and not knowing and having it out of my control, but that’s the way it is and there’s not a lot I can do about it!!


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