Baring the Bump

For those of a weak disposition look away now!!

At 35 weeks this bump is pretty huge and stretchy.

Here it is in clothes:

photo 1 (9)

And ‘duh duh duh’….. in bare flesh…  you can sort of see the new stretch marks across the top and the silvery lines I gained from carrying Joel.  I also feel that it’s not staying on the under ledge anymore, and the bump is starting to sag over a bit.  That’s what caused my very saggy bit on my tummy after Joel, the skin just couldn’t repair back to normal, so we’ll have to see whether my post natal girdle helps suck things back into place this time, or whether only a tummy tuck can fix it!!  Whether I’d go for that I don’t know.  I don’t like the idea of unnecessary surgery.

photo 2 (8)


And just because it’s really weird, my completely turned inside out, flat tummy button, although today its a bit of an outy so I guess baby is pushing up behind it more than normal….


photo 3 (8)

I can’t believe I still have potentially 5 more cm to grow until full term!!  I very much doubt this baby will be in the 7lb range like Joel was!!



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