I’ve had quite a year this year.

I really do not enjoy New Years Eve.  I cannot actually remember ever enjoying one.  Too much pressure for perfection.  I guess it’s rather boring, but I’d rather have a good night’s sleep and do something on the 1st January!  And as for resolutions, I don’t believe I’ve ever taken those seriously!!

Anyway, a little summary of what I’ve done is always something for me to read back on….


We went to Nottingham for my niece Martha’s Christening.  It was a lovely service, and we had a very good day out.



We had some fabulous snow!!!



This was a quiet month.  We had a visit to the south to see Steve’s family and head to the beach.





This was a bittersweet month.  I fell pregnant after 16 months of trying, but this one was not to be.  I would not know this until April.

We also had our offer accepted on our new house and got a big project of a bargain.

new house 22 photo Stafford-20130320-01335


Joel turned two years old and had a lovely birthday party.

I found out my baby had died, and I had to go in for surgery for it.   It was awfully traumatic and upsetting.   I was pretty devastated.

IMG_1341 IMG_0277 2013-04-20 18.53.50

The lovely flowers sent by my sisters for me....

The lovely flowers sent by my sisters for me….


We had a family holiday to Menorca, which was a healing time.   I relaxed and had fun, and almost miraculously, got pregnant again!  But I didn’t know it.

We collected the keys to our new house and moved in at the bank holiday at the end of the month.  We had a big challenge ahead of us but Joel and Izzy were very happy to move!!

Daddy's car for the week

Daddy’s car for the week

Looking at our local beach

Looking at our local beach

Admiring the view

Admiring the view

June and July

We began working on decorating our house.  Every room needed something doing and we got rid of polystyrene ceiling tiles, had plastering done, scraped off wallpaper and managed to get the lounge sorted relatively quickly which gave us one room which was nice to sit in!!

We went to Steve’s cousins wedding in Newbury which was a lovely day.  I was 12 weeks pregnant but didn’t announce as I had a scan due at 14 weeks so kept trying to hide it and the fact I felt so ill and tired!!


2013-05-27 09.26.41



A bit more form at 10+2

A bit more form at 10+2

Dapper Joel

new house 1 IMG_1817


We finally announced that Joel was going to be a big brother and had a tremendous response from family and friends.


2013-05-27 09.27.52 1239999_10151904316293974_657671920_n



We found out we were expecting another little boy.  Joel was very excited to have a little brother and be a big brother.




Joel went up to the big room at nursery and settled in so well.  We are so pleased with his progress as he is a smashing little lad who does everything right.  We began the task of potty training him which he has taken to so well.   We’ve had occasional accidents but pretty much, he always tells us he needs the potty and is dry all day long.  The next challenge will be night time pants!!

Steve’s parents came up for a holiday at the end of the month to go sailing around our town on a canal boat.  Joel loved visiting ‘Granny’s boat’ and we had a couple of days with them.




I had quite a lot of days holiday to use up from work, so had two weeks off to decorate the new baby’s nursery.  A lot of naps were taken as well!

photo 4 (2)



We had a fabulous Christmas and Joel got some lovely gifts from his family.  He had new cars and a town playmat, a trampoline, a balance bike and lots of games, books, chocolates, little toys and a city garage.  We survived a visit of four days from Steve’s parents, which was a bit of a squish but with Izzy going to my parents for a break it helped a lot and Joel enjoyed seeing them every morning.

photo 3 (6)

photo 1 (9)

Then we ended the year with Steve finally admitting he wasn’t feeling well, coming home early on New Years Eve and turning into the hopeless and helpless wreck he does when he finally gives into lurgies so now I have a giant baby to look after as he can’t seem to manage to look after himself very well at all!!

Happy New Year everyone!  Here’s to what could be a very exciting 2014 for all of us!


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