35 Weeks

How far along:  35 weeks with a big and heavy bump that just feels so full of squirmy baby….

Total Weight Gained:  I’ve not weighed myself again recently.  But I am struggling to walk distances.  There is a lot of weight in my pelvis and things are starting to feel the pressure down there.

Maternity Clothes:   To be honest, some bits are starting to feel tight 😦   I have one pair of jeans that fits, leggings which go over the bump are quite comfy and a couple of wooly jumpers.

Stretch Marks:  Still there across the top of my tummy.  I guess it had to happen.   My tummy is also itching as the skin is stretching.  Also, probably a bit TMI but my boobs are looking quite different too, and I am getting some crusty colostrum starting to collect in my nipples.  I didn’t leak at all for Joel and don’t seem to be leaking liquid this time either.

Sleep:   Sleep is awkward at the moment.  To think there could be 5 more weeks, (possibly 7 eek) of this is a bit glum.  My hips have also started being very painful so sleep isn’t the most easy.  Daytime naps are helping ease my tiredness levels and Steve has gone back to the spare bed so I have the big bed to myself with lots of pillows which helps.

Best Moment of the Week:   I’m not really sure.   It’s been a busy week.  Christmas was lovely.  Joel has been so very good.

Movement:  It’s been really crazy.   I just feel like this baby is huge and pushing out against me all the time.  I feel as though he can be pushing right down below which makes a lot of pressure in that area, whilst juggling something up in my ribs and pushing his bottom out in the middle.  It’s really weird feeling and very uncomfortable.  I can imagine him bursting out alien style at any moment.

Food Cravings:   Nothing weird.  It’s nice to eat chocolate at the moment and not feel guilty.   I went out for lunch with Steve today for New Years Eve as I’m not going to be up later, and had a lovely rack of ribs and chips which means I’m too full for much!  But I’ve had some grapefruit and Christmas cake with a cup of tea.  I can’t decide if I’m hungry or whether I have room for some tea.  When my tummy rumbles now it feels as though my stomach is a lot higher up than it ought to be!!

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  All flat and inside out!

What I miss:  Being able to sit without the extra weight on my legs!!  Turning over at night without needing to heave myself about.  Not burping all the time.  My pre-baby figure which I did not appreciate at the time!  I should have worn more bikinis!!!

What I’m looking forward to:  The consultant appointment next week.  Having a scan.  Deciding on a course of action to get this baby out!

Milestones:  Hospital bags are all packed and ready.  Clothes are all washed and put away, not that I have got a lot this time.   I shall get the buggy sorted into the pram soon.   Oh, and the bathroom is starting next week.  Not so much baby related, but important all the same!  Full term in two weeks.  No work next week – hurray!!!

Bump Pic:


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