34 Weeks + 4 Days

I’ve realised that I didn’t do my weekly update with the busyness of Christmas Eve and all that.

So here it is, half a week late:

How far along:  34 Weeks and getting bigger still …

Total Weight Gained:  I stood on my Mum’s scales and felt very heavy.  I think I must have put on nearly two stones now.  

Maternity Clothes:   I’ve had to give up on my dressing gown which doesn’t quite go around my middle and use Steve’s.  It’s still pretty cosy but I’m not sure you get maternity dressing gowns and there wouldn’t be any point to them anyway.  I’m missing out on all the January sales though.  no point buying maternity wear and don’t know what will fit or suit after the birth.  Gripe gripe gripe!!  

Stretch Marks:  Suddenly they have appeared 😦  They’re not terrible but they are reddy/purple and taking over my tummy again.  I thought I may have got away with it this time, but it was not to be.  I guess this final push of baby putting on fat has taken my stomach again beyond any point it originally thought possible.

Sleep:   I have a little routine going on this week.  I go to bed for a nap in the afternoon.  Normally an hour or so.  Then bed is around 9.30pm and I sleep on my left side till 1am.  Then I turn over and sleep on my right side till 3am.  Then I wake up aching and with sore hips, so get up, click everything back into place, waddle to the toilet, go to check on Joel who will inevitably be upside down in bed and on top of his duvet.  I put him back into bed, and then go back to mine, turning my pillow, fluffing my ‘nest pillow’ and go back to my left side till about 6am, then turn onto my right side and wait for Joel to wake up and come in shouting that he’s awake, he’s ready to go downstairs and he would like his cereal now!!

Best Moment of the Week:   I finished work!!  It was actually last week on Thursday which was my last day, but on Monday 14 of us went out for a Christmas meal.  It was very nice, and they’d done a little collection for me.   It won’t quite buy me a new changing bag which is what I wanted, but it will go towards most of it!   I think once Christmas is done I will feel a bit more as though it’s real and I have three weeks of holiday to use up now.  Joel will be at my parents on a Tuesday as normal, and nursery on a Wednesday and Thursday so for three days a week I will have time to myself before baby arrives.

Movement:  It’s slowing down a little.  And not to the point where I can’t feel it.  It’s more that the movements are slower and pushier.  I get full on stretching feelings where he’s doing something down below whilst stretching up under my ribs.   Then because my stomach rests on my lap now, if baby kicks or pushes down from within my ‘ledge’ I can feel it on my legs which is very weird indeed.

Food Cravings:   Still none really.  If I eat one big meal then I’m done for the day.  I seem to have not had such a reflux time of it recently although I did have peculiar sickness on Christmas Eve and Day mornings.  I was fine one minute and eating breakfast, then ‘bleurgh’ sick just once, then fine again afterwards.    I did have a glass of chilled prosecco on Christmas day which was lovely.

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  All flat and inside out!

What I miss:  Sleep.  Not aching.  Christmas pate and brie.  

What I’m looking forward to:  The end!!  Meeting the baby.  Finishing work.  Christmas.  January peace and quiet.  Maybe a cinema matinee.

Milestones:  Work is done and dusted.  I’m officially off now.  

Bump Pic:  Image-1

This is about a 10 week difference?  I can’t quite remember if the blue top was 24 or 26 weeks but it’s not lowered at all, just gone outwards!

photo (9)


This is me all dressed for lunch out on Monday.  A friend has lent me a bundle of maternity dresses (some unworn!!) so may as well make some use of them!!


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