Spousal Stress!

Today is the day that Steve’s parents and brother are coming to stay.   I have been trying to tidy the house, get dinner prep sorted, change bed sheets, find air beds and all the paraphernalia that goes with a visit.

And Steve, he decided this morning was the opportune time to mess with his i-pad and change the cracked screen.  I said that the lounge floor was not the best place for him to do this as Joel and Izzy wanted to play and Izzy hadn’t been walked so was a bit playful.

So on the lounge floor he went and proceeded to keep shouting at Joel and Izzy if they came too close to his teeny tiny screws and i-pad components.

Two hours he dedicated to this task despite me running myself ragged trying to sort things everywhere else.  Finally he was done and then he wasn’t happy as he’d not wiped the screen before reattaching it and there was a bit of dust stuck on the inside.  He was very stressed about it, so I said to leave it, take Izzy and Joel out for a walk and some fresh air and carry on later.

So he decided he couldn’t possibly do anything helpful or constructive until this was done, and promptly cracked the new screen and ruined it all anyway.

Two hours of unhelpful i-pad construction wasted.

There really was nothing I could say that would be sympathetic or helpful so I just said nothing.  Thankfully he did then decide to take the dog and Joel out so I could have 10 minutes to sit down, have a cup of tea and tackle the vacuuming.  Whilst feeling a little bit smug if I’m quite honest.

I don’t know why he does this every time his family are due.  You’d think he’d care a little bit about helping me sort things.  But he just thinks I stress too much about making the house presentable and that his family won’t mind so he doesn’t care one bit.  Nor about me trying to do too much.  I’m resting now as my back is seriously hurting, and I still get no offer of taking over the vacuuming as he’s now on his lap top.  He doesn’t think visits constitute any work.

GRRRR!  Rant over!


One thought on “Spousal Stress!

  1. If it makes you feel any better, Nick is exactly the same and gets in a strop if I ask for help. Ridiculous comments he’s made include telling me I’m OCD because I believe a house should be hoovered every week, telling me he wouldn’t mind using someone’s sink if it was full of hair from shaving and then some other gross ‘I wouldn’t mind if…’ Statements that I’ll have to tell you in person as they’re too yuck for a public domain!!!! I think growing up with a cleaner who ‘magically’ made the house and his room spick and span didn’t help !!


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